Women Mean Biz
We invite you to come as a guest first of all, to see if you want to join our networking group. This way you get to meet our members and experience first hand our style and format.

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Mon 5th Aug,2024

Jen Le Marinel (Group Leader)

07413 592536

£30 + VAT

12noon until 2pm

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Cotswold Grange Hotel
Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham GL52 2QH

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If you’re looking for inspiration, genuine support, and a boost of confidence to accelerate your business, this is the right networking group in Cheltenham for you.

We’ve also been told it’s one of the most uplifting business networking for women in business in Cheltenham, with an effective and inclusively led format.

What to expect?

A very warm welcome! There’s a natural warmth and energy at Women Mean Biz, as well as some brilliant business opportunities, and our meetings become even more dynamic when we have guests come and join us.

At Women Mean Biz we’re here to support you wherever you are on your business journey. To encourage you, hold your hand when you need it and celebrate your success with you. You’ll soon find – as so many of our members have – that this creates just the right conditions for your business to thrive.

So come along and enjoy the opportunity to meet new contacts at the Cotswold Grange Hotel, Pittville Circus Road, Cheltenham 
GL52 2QH in Cheltenham. It's the perfect place for you to share ideas, take lots of notes from our expert speaker and see where a room full of positivity and collaboration can take you. We love the Cotswold Grange hotel in Cheltenham as it has lots of off road parking, and the lunch is absolutely delicious with lots of super healthy options. It also has a personal and intimate feel, with room to grab a coffee before or after the meeting for those important 121's.

There’s a wealth of expertise and knowledge within this group who are waiting to meet you. 

Meeting Structure

* Welcome from the Group Leader
* One-minute introductions round
* 10-minute member presentation
* 10-minute business surgery
* 15-minute expert keynote speaker slot
* Thanks for the 'biz' round
* Round up & close meeting 

If you know of anyone who could benefit from joining a group of high-calibre business owners and professionals like this and would be interested in networking in Cheltenham, please share this meeting and invite them to come with you.

What our members say about the meetings

"I love being able to meet with the positive & supportive women who are part of the Cheltenham group, as well as meeting new ladies who come along as guests"
Trula Brunsdon - Associate Solicitor - Sherbornes Solicitors - Employment and Business Law Specialists 
Cheltenham Group Member since Feb 2014

"As leader I’m clearly biased, but I love our group. Welcoming, supportive and knowledgeable, our members really look out for each other!”
Jen Le Marinel - Wild Fire Walks - Free spirit, Wild Adventurer, Coach, Trainer & Guide
Cheltenham Group Member since March 2018

"Women Mean Biz is the best networking I have ever done!  Always a warm welcome, always lots of support and always a lovely lunch!  I highly recommend trying a meeting, we love to welcome visitors!"
Sue Thomas - Sue Thomas Wellbeing - The Sugar Free Coach
Cheltenham Group Member since Nov 2017

"Business made enjoyable is fun, we are a lovely group with no competition, judgment or pressure just encouragement and support for fellow friends supplying a service just like you."
Jo Weatherall - Menopause, Mayhem & Teens - Menopause Wellness Coach
Cheltenham Group Member since Oct 2021

"I’ve been a member of WMB for nearly 9 years & I wouldn’t be without it! A collaborative, supportive community with amazing women, great lunches and business too - what’s not to like!"
Jenny Stewart - Capture Your Authentic Story! - Brand Photographer 
Cheltenham Group Member since Feb 2014

"The energy when you walk into this room of amazing women is incredible! The support, relationship building and collaborations happen way beyond the group meetings. It’s fantastic!"
Vicki Gray - Blumango Creative - Branding, Graphic Design & Website Consultant
Cheltenham Group Member since July 2020

"After a tough couple of years setting up a new business and working from home on my own, it was time to get back out there again and do some networking in Cheltenham. The group has been so supportive and welcoming, and the other groups when I have joined them online have been just the same.  It’s great to meet people again face to face, and also to have the opportunity to join other groups online as and when time permits.  Here’s to building new relationships!"
Claire Jackson - Travel Counsellors - Independant Travel Consultant
Cheltenham Group Member since June 2022

"I've been networking for about 6 years and it is very rare to find such a lovely group of people who not only pass on referrals but who also want to support and help in business. It's been a joy to get to know the ladies at Cheltenham and feel part of a team of women who are running their own businesses"
Kate Bishop - Career Confidence Specialist, Coach & Trainer
Cheltenham Group Member since June 2022

"I have recently re-joined the Women Mean Biz Cheltenham lady’s lunch.  It’s so great to be back in a such a friendly, supportive room.  Our group is growing rapidly with like-minded women who are keen to grow their businesses.  Networking is the life blood of my business and I do a lot of it.  This group is completely unique, relaxed, and professional with the perfect balance between business and pleasure.  I can’t recommend this group enough; I look forward to the meeting from the end of the last to the start of the next."
Christine Sims - Village Financial Solutions - Mortgage and Protection Adviser
Cheltenham Group Member since October 2022

I chose this networking group in part because they meet in person. And what a welcoming and supportive group they are. The knowledge and expertise around the table is tremendous and they all share, willingly. Add to that some excellent guest speakers. I never fail to learn something new. I never regret attending - they pick you up when you are down and celebrate with you in the wins. When I joined I was new to Cheltenham and it's been great to have this group in my corner.
Alison Bale - Allbeing Ltd
Cheltenham Group Member since May 2023

"I was a member of Women Mean Biz for about a year between 2016-2017 but had to leave due to illness. I re-joined the Cheltenham group in May 2023 and I was so happy to be back (and to see several familiar faces from my earlier membership!). Women Mean Biz is about supporting each other, learning together, and growing friendships along with growing our businesses. I’ve met some of my closest business friends through Women Mean Biz and I’m so glad to have them in my world for when those inevitable bumps in the road come along! I’d recommend WMB to anyone looking for a more collaborative approach to networking."
Kaye King - Marketing Mentor 
Cheltenham Group Member since March 2023


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