Kate Bishop

online Member - Cheltenham

Career Confidence & Work Wellbeing Specialist,...

I make your Mondays feel just as great as your Fridays through career confidence & work wellbeing coaching and strategy.

A bit about me...

I'm Coach Kate and I love to work with people who want more from their work. Whether that's more purpose, more value or to feel more confident in their career. 

Therefore I work with clients on increasing their self-esteem so they feel capabale to go out and do all they want to do. From a major career change to giving a business presentation to raising a hand to ask that question, clients come to me to feel in control, calm and comfortable across their working lives.

Afterall, we put up so many obstacles for ourselves don't we? "I can't afford a career change." "I'll speak up in the meeting next week." "The company isn't that bad" The list goes on.

After suffering for 3 years with anxiety, stress and depression and then massive impoater syndrome in a past career and not knowing what I could or wanted to do, I retrained as a coach to now work with people who want a change in their career, who want to feel confident in their business, who want to feel better at work, who want to be fulfilled in what they do and valued for it.

Mondays may not alwasy feel as great as Fridays but we should definitely make them feel better!


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