Kate Bishop

pro Member - Cheltenham

Kate Bishop Coaching

I make your Mondays feel just as great as your Fridays through career, confidence & work wellbeing coaching and strategy.

A bit about me...

I'm Coach Kate and I love to work with people who moan about their jobs! An odd choice for a career, however, after going through 3 career changes myself I've realised that there is a reason why we complain so much about work yet rarely do anything about it.

It tends to boil down to either not knowing what on earth to do or not having the confidence even if we know what we really want to do.

We put up so many obstacles don't we? I can't afford a career change. I'll lose all of my connections. The company is that bad. The stressful part will get better - one day. The list goes on.

After suffering for 3 years with anxiety, stress and depression due to my then career and not knowing what I could or wanted to do I now work with people who want a change in their career, who want to feel better at work, who want to be fulfilled in what they do and valued for it.

I advise busineses on how they can improve wellbeing at work (wherever that may be now!) for their team so each and every employee is supported, is working healthily and happily and therefore to teh best of their capabilities.

Mondays may not alwasy feel as great as Fridays but we should definitely make them feel better!


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