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Memorable personal brand photography for entrepreneurs who want to stand out

A bit about me...

✏️ “Creative and thoughtful, Jenny knows exactly how to capture images that draw you in and tell a rich story.”


I wasn’t always a photographer. I started with a degree in marketing and production engineering which was followed by a 17-year corporate career in global clothing and food manufacturing!


However I found myself having a complete career change in 2010.


? I’d set myself a personal project of taking a photo a day that summer … and after only a few short months people started asking me to take their photos.


My initial reaction was, “Don’t be so silly – I’m doing this for fun!”. Yet the number of requests made it clear I needed to rethink!


Fast forward several years and I’m now a Brand Photographer telling stories - your story - with authentic and standout images.


The businesses I work with are hugely varied. From schools, to beauty salons, cleaning companies, farmers, copywriters, hotels, barristers, private chefs, consultants and all the way to screed suppliers! ?


Those I work with have a few things in common.


You may be:


Struggling to show what makes you different


Unsure how you can visually demonstrate your services


Needing lots of fresh and unique content on your social media channels


Keen to show a sense of your personality in your marketing material


Wanting a set of professional images to launch your new brand


Even if you hate having your photo taken, you know that having a bank of on-brand images is an essential part of doing business - after all people, buy people!


And I can help with all of these.


Using my business background and experience (and my innate curiosity!) I get to know your business and we work together to create a bank of authentic imagery that shows what you offer, as well as your personality.


? And with plenty of unique, on-brand content for your marketing channels, you’ll attract better and ultimately more profitable clients.


✏️ “Definitely a business investment I wish I’d made sooner.”


If you’re ready to tell your story and see your business grow, do get in touch – I look forward to hearing from you!


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