Jen Le Marinel

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Wild retreat leader, coach and trainer, I help smart, successful but "stuck" business women leaders find more connection, clarity and courage to live the life they really want to live.

A bit about me...

Free Spirit. Wild Adventurer. Coach. Trainer. Guide. Inspirer of Courage and Reminder of Dreams.

Are you so busy being good at what you do that you’ve forgotten who you are?

I get it. On the surface you're a smart, happy, successful woman and doing everything you "should" be doing, yet behind the scenes something's Not Quite Right. "Everything's great but..."

You feel there should be more to life than this. More joy. More courage. More adventure. 

You're tired of having to put on a mask each day. You feel you've somehow lost yourself along the way but you're not quite sure where, or how to get those parts of yourself back again, or even if it's ok to want them back, now you're a grown up, professional woman! You long to explore the yearning in your heart more deeply, to connect more deeply with nature and likeminded women, and to live a more meaningful and satisfying life.

I see you. I want you to know you're ok. You've got this. 

I invite you to (re)discover your Inner Wild Woman. The part of you that was never tamed! I believe she is the key to accessing more joy, more courage, more freedom, more success (whatever "success" looks like to you). And it's my passion to help women like you, reconnect with her.

After leaving my promising career as an actuary in corporate financial services I embarked (via a 1400 mile solo journey on foot from Land's End to John O'Groats) on a journey of unlearning and relearning - of untaming and unleashing! - which led me to my current passion and purpose: helping women business leaders find more connection, clarity and courage. 

Combining adventurous, rejuvenating and confidence-expanding wild retreats, my flagship seasonal BeWild and BeWilder programmes, powerful behaviour and identity-level coaching and work with sub-personalities and powerful women’s archetypes, I help women reconnect with who they really are, get clarity about what they really want and rediscover the courage to go out and be that woman in the world.

It’s time to Live Wild, and thrive!


""Before working with Jen, life was grey, stressful, joyless, I was existing, not living, but I was scared and didn't know how to change. I am now set on my journey, not anyone else's and not adrift in the dark. I have control over my thoughts and my self worth and self belief is a million times stronger than ever. My inner fire has been re-stoked, I find joy every day, I am interested and curious rather than fearful. And I am excited for the future rather than resigned to more grey. I am in control and that's down to the tools Jen has given me.""

Recommended by Roz Dixon-Burnett

""Before working with Jen there were areas in my life where I felt flow and movement but too often I was feeling overly busy, stuck and overwhelmed. I knew I wanted to feel more aligned, more connected to myself, more like I was being 'me' in the world and expressing that in a clearer and deeper way than I had done before. The most valuable thing about working with Jen is her presence and her spirit of curiosity, challenge and kindness. She has a way of holding you with absolute safety while playfully and skilfully holding up limiting ideas she is hearing and questioning them together with you. My intuition brought me straight to Jen's door and I am glad that I went for it in every possible way. It has returned me to myself - to who I feel I was born to be. Jen has helped me to embrace who I truly am, and it is a gift that is greater than gold""

Recommended by Jana Nightingale


Recommended by Karen Briggs, Karen Briggs Colour Coaching

""I was SO desperate for something like this to come along. [The coaching programme] helps you see things in a different way and gives you great, practical ideas of how to better understand yourself, and how to move forward, and to find yourself closer to where you'd like to be. Jen was amazing. So helpful, positive, reassuring and encouraging. I consider myself very fortunate." "

Recommended by Lucy Hay

""I approached Jen as I was keen to find new perspectives on the challenges and potential of being a successful woman in work and at home. The rigor of weekly sessions and the principles Jen gently introduced have led to increased balance and perspective. I've managed to elevate family time and presence at home with no detriment at work, in fact positive overall. I am more patient with my kids and I feel that my relationship with them has opened up, and at the same time I've become more confident in my abilities at work. Life is much happier now!""

Recommended by (Name withheld for privacy)

""At first I was concerned that I wouldn't be able to commit and devote myself to weekly sessions; as my business was rapidly growing I found myself with very little time on my hands to think about anything else, so felt it may have been too much to take on. But it in fact it did the opposite, and in doing the programme it taught me how to free up more time to devote to myself! If you're thinking of going through the programme, go for it, it's so worth the time and money, because as a result you'll feel so much more comfortable in your own shoes which is priceless! My anxiety has reduced enormously and I've learnt more about myself and how to bring out the best side of myself than I ever thought possible! The programme teaches you how to create more time for the things you love, rather than feeling that in order to be successful you need to devote your life and all your energy into work. Working with Jen has been invaluable in helping me run my business but also in changing things that weren't working as well in my personal life.""

Recommended by Pippa Evans, Osteopath and Business Owner


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