Alison Bale

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Mindfulness teacher with a special interest in working with those in persistent pain. I combine pain science with practical knowledge to help you reduce pain and get your life back.

A bit about me...

I've worked in healthcare for 20 years, most of that time working with people in persistent pain. I am a qualified chiropractor as well as a mindfulness teacher. Since 2007 I've worked in India, founding one of the country's first chiropractic clinics. Now returned to the UK, I am concentrating on mindfulness and pain education, both of which research suggests can benefit those in persistent pain in the long term. I aim to leave this world a better place than I found it. People aren't broken and I want to give people hope, and the skills to find their own solutions. 

My blogs

Common mistakes about pain – and how to avoid them with mindfulness: part two

by Alison Bale on 2nd Aug 2023

Pain is sometimes caused by tissue damage – but not always. You can have a lot of pain with a relatively minor injury, and no pain with something that may be life-threatening. These were two of the common misunderstandings about...

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