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Menopause, Mayhem & Teens

A bit about me...

Hi I'm Jo
I would like to introduce Menopause, Mayhem & Teens and how it came about.

I came to a stage in my life where I thought ‘I want to do something but I don't know what’!!
Now I realise that this overall feeling was connected with so many different feelings related to the menopause so I actually ended up exactly where I was supposed to be in this time of my life.

My trade is in hairdressing which I absolutely love, being with people and talking through all kinds of topics with them.
I have also trained and competed in a traditional Japanese style martial art which led onto deep personal development with a huge respect for awareness. This has led me into roles of coaching, teaching and caring through my sheer joy of helping people.

For the past 10 years I have been a carer for an autistic boy who is now 18 years old. I am also a guide runner for a blind and partially deaf man, both roles are hard work but so rewarding.

I have 2 teens who I am really connected with and proud of, a husband of 32years who I adore more now than when I first met him! And Two Chocci labs who my husband says gets more attention than anyone I know!!

I tell you all this because this is how I feel now but about 2 years ago this was not so much the case.

For me, Menopause crept up and literally smothered me with the rug that it pulled from beneath my feet. I didn’t know where or what I was doing, I had no want or need for energy because all I loved I had no feeling towards. This for me was unnatural, made me very unhappy and in my eyes, was not an option.
When I could see all the things around turning to mayhem I knew that It was a case of rise up or get kicked down for good. I set about changing things as I knew it and turning my attention on the one thing, and that was ME.

I knew that if I was not firing on all fours then the ripple effect was that my world around me would crumble too. I researched, read articles, attended talks, rally's, courses and events that gave me enough strength and knowledge to get back up and develop like I had never known before.

To start with this was easier said than done as symptoms of menopause take away confidence, focus and unexpected changes to the body meaning that it’s a physical change as well as a mental one.
It wasn’t long before I embarked on a plan for our nutrition as a family, my exercise regime and further development of my mindfulness to really get me back fighting fit and creating a ripple effect like no other.

My teens and myself are now balanced and full of energy.
I have been heard to say that ‘I wish I had done this work earlier’ but there was no way I could have without having the knowledge and experience from my golden threads in life and what menopause could have done to me if I hadn’t acted like I did.

Out of the Mayhem came Magnificent Menopause & Marvelous Teens!

I now love to support other Women going through the same stage in their life. I have free e-books over on my website, as well as a shiny new booklet coming out very soon which runs alongside the 21 day course designed to re-energise and empower women to become who they are meant to be at this stage of their life! 


""I recently took part in a 7 day cleanse with Jo and I have to say it was easier than I thought it would be and so much fun! Jo made it engaging through a WhatsApp group with myself and my husband. Jo provided great tips and feedback on what to eat. We didn't do it to lose weight but we both did extremely well and have stuck to some of the disciplines we have learnt. We will definitely do the cleanse again""

Recommended by Jo

""I did Jo's 30 day reset plan, as I was feeling bloated and sluggish and I wasn't feeling on top of my game. I also saw it as a way to retrain my brain and body back into healthy eating habits. In the few days between signing up with Jo and receiving my plan, life threw me a bit of a curve ball and I truly believe that changing my diet, cutting out dairy, gluten, sugar and alcohol and following the plan gave me the energy and sense of physical well-being to help me deal with my personal difficulties, work and general craziness. Jo was amazing, from explaining the programme to being on hand for a chat or a walk to make sure I was getting outdoors. I always felt that I could get in touch anytime I might have been wavering. Jo made sure I understood the plan and was really knowledgable about the products and benefits on my health. I probably wasn't the best of clients, I took a day off for my daughters birthday! but Jo made sure I got straight back to the plan, her support and encouragement was invaluable. I finished the course feeling great and the added bonus was that I'd lost weight too""

Recommended by Rebecca Fowler

""Working with Jo on her program has been brilliant for me. I now understand my body and what it needs. The products and support from Jo, to cope with this change I am going through, has been incredible. If you are a lady going through menopause and fed up with how you are feeling, reach out to Jo. She is on your side and will give you the tools and techniques to feel better and get life where you want it to be. ""

Recommended by Michelle


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