Sue Thomas

pro Member - Cheltenham

Sue Thomas Wellbeing

Helping women to look and feel amazing, have more confidence and be successful in business by helping them understand how everything they consume affects their daily productivity.

A bit about me...

I am passionate about helpng women to understand they can take back control of their health, be more productive and achieve greater success by nourishing the body effectively.

21st Century life plays havoc with female health.  From toxins in our skin care, to lack of nutrients daily, and stress leading to IBS.  All of these put pressure on the intestine leading to poor sleep and fatigue, weight gain, poor immunity, lack of productivity, hormone imalance and  sometimes compromised mental wellbeing.

At Sue Thomas Wellbeing we help women to understand how to achieve greater energy levels, confidence, productivity and love of life by resetting the health of the intestine using the innovative Pure21 programme.  This leads to better sleep, greater mental clarity and wellbeing and hence more success in business.


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