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Women Mean Biz is a professional networking organisation for women in business, who are looking to grow and develop their business, personal skills, knowledge and business know-how, in a warm, friendly and supportive environment.

A bit about me...

The reason I went into business for myself was because I was fed up with the lack of well paid senior jobs which would pay me what I am worth, on flexible working hours, so I could continue to look after my young family.  

Going into business on your own is a big step, and I know what it feels like.   On my journey, I have learnt alot about running a business and in particular, how to build a business through networking.  
My background and skills are in sales, marketing, new business development, account management, & customer service, all gained in different industries from recruitment, print and packaging, top end real estate, and property development.  
I set up Women Mean Biz in 2008, because there wasn't a serious networking group which could provide me with the type of support and help that I really wanted, as a woman in business.  

I'm delighted that WMB has grown from strength to strength, and I get a massive 'buzz' out of seeing the difference we make to our members.    
Like most women in business, it's a big juggle and constant challenge getting that work life balance right.  It's essential to remember what's really important in life though and for me, that's my family and close friends.  

Life is busy, but that's how I like it! 


"Great networking workshop last week at Bath Women Mean Biz meeting. This workshop provided a blue print for any networking event and how to maximise opportunities afterwards. Once you have attended this workshop you will never feel at a loss at any social occasion, as Philippa has provided the script! I urge you to try to attend the next time you have the chance and you wont be disappointed."

Recommended by Linda Day

"I just wanted to say thank you so much for the networking skills workshop today. You really opened my eyes to what I was doing right and more importantly what I am doing wrong. Of all the groups I have visited/ tried I have never met anyone before who takes the time to invest in their members like you do. I feel that I have the skills to move forward and be more productive in my networking and just wanted to thank you personally. "

Recommended by Jessica Szczelkun - Associate with JW Financial Solutions

"Since joining Women Mean Biz, I have significantly raised my profile, seen a 50% increase in the referrals I receive and in the first 3 months alone, I secured three new clients."

Recommended by Tamsen Garrie of Alpha Associates

My blogs

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A bit more about me

What's the most enjoyable thing about your work?
The rewards are huge for me with Women Mean Biz! I feel very fortunate to be able to help women in business to grow in confidence, skills and business know-how and this is what I love ... seeing the results of what we achieve through our networking, mentoring, training and general all round support.

What is your vision for your business?
To grow Women Mean Biz across the South West and build a reputation for being the BEST networking and support organisation for women who mean business.

If you could give one single piece of advice to a new start up business, what would it be?
Be sure you have done your market research for your new business and you know that there is a market for your product and service. Then get some people around you who will help you, guide you and support you. But most of all, be passionate about what you do, and be prepared to put in the work and investment required to make your business work. You will need to be resilient, have a vision and a plan for where you're going.

Which one phrase or quote sums up your attitude to business life?
Be professional at all times, treat others how you wish to be treated or more importantly, how they wish to be treated, and strive to be the very best you possibly can. My other mantra is "Do It NOW!"

What do you do at week-ends?
I love spending time with my family, friends and our animals! I have 2 adult kids, Hollie and Sam, who keep me young at heart, and am very proud of both of them. I love to stay fit, take long walks in the countryside where I live, dining out, and going on adventures. My love of my life is my partner, Phil, who is the most wonderful man in the world. I feel so lucky to have so many truly beautiful people in my life.

What book are you currently reading?
For the 3rd time, I'm reading The Big Leap. Always got several books on the go at any one time.

What is your worst experience in business or work?
When I was told by my boss that I would not get the promotion I was hoping for, because as a woman, I was likely to leave at some stage to have children! So they gave the promotion to a chap who joined the company at the same time as me! That's when I left to go and work on a kibbutz! I wish I knew my rights and was not so naive, but this was 30 years ago now and things were a bit different back then.

What was your first ever job?
My first full time job was as a Grade 1 clerk working for one of the high street banks. I worked there for 2 years and left to work and travel in Israel and Egypt.

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
New Zealand ... I lived here for 4 years and love the country! I loved Peru, in particular Macchu Picchu - such a stunning and spiritual place.


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