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We invite you to come as a guest first of all, to see if you want to join our networking group. This way you get to meet our members and experience first hand our style and format.

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Thu 18th Jan,2024

Julie Savage (Group Leader)


£27.50 + VAT

12noon until 2pm

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4, Princes Buildings, George St, Bath BA1 2ED

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If you’re looking to join a networking group with fellow Bath based business women then we’d love to welcome you to join us at Robun.

Julie, Lisa and the members of this group love it because of its relaxed and friendly atmosphere, the perfect place to Network for Bath based businesses!

What to expect?

Below you will see that one of our members commented that on arrival you will hear plenty of laughter and chatter which perfectly sums up this warm group of women! The Women Mean Biz Bath group is for anyone looking for networking that is fun with plenty of opportunity for building meaningful relationships for collaboration.

Whether you are new to business or are a seasoned pro, this group has plenty to offer.  Each month you will hear from an expert during the keynote speech, have the opportunity to tell the members and guests all about your business and take part in the business surgery where you can get advice on a challenge you are having or give advice to someone else. 
The business women of Bath will be delighted to see you.

Meeting Structure

* Welcome from the Group Leader
* One-minute introductions round
* 10-minute member presentation
* 10-minute business surgery
* 15-minute expert keynote speaker slot
* Thanks for the 'biz' round
* Round up & close meeting 

Non-members are welcome to come along to two meetings so they can get a real feel for how they can benefit from the Women Mean Biz community, so please spread the word and invite anyone you know who you think will benefit from meeting this wonderful group of Bath based business women.

What our members say about the meetings

"My sixth year as a member of WMB Bath is a true testament to this lovely group of ladies, as I'm not a fan of networking. For a first timer, the relaxed, warm and friendly atmosphere puts you straight at ease - if hearing the chatter and laughter before entering hasn't already. The Bath ladies (and the whole network) have always given me incredible support, helping to develop my business and myself for the better. PS the lunch is really delicious too!"
Deborah Reid - Creative Cauldron Design Ltd - Graphic Designer
Bath Group Member since August 2017

"Being a part of the Women Mean Biz Bath group has enriched my life in many ways. Not only have I received business from the group, I have also built wonderful friendships, and received support in my business and in life. I am not a Bath local, and it wasn't until I joined the Bath Women Mean Biz group that I really felt like I put roots down."
Tricia Maitland - Soulstream Hypnotherapy - Solution Focused Hypnotherapist
Bath Group Member since May 2017

"Women Mean Biz is such a great community.  I’ve been a member of the Bath group for 5 years now – since I started my own business, and I highly recommend it. It’s such a welcoming and supportive group, both on a professional level and personally.  I’ve met some great contacts and friends through the network and a day out the office with a lovely lunch is always welcome! "
Anna Goodship - Concinnity Consultancy Ltd - Accounting & Finance Consultancy
Bath Group Member since October 2017

"I really enjoy being part of the Bath group. Our members are so welcoming, caring and supportive, after every meeting I feel energised. The Bath group and the whole network has played a huge part in the success of my business today and I can't imagine not being part of it."
Julie Savage - Virtual Assistant
Bath Group Member since May 2017

" I have only become a member at women mean biz networking in bath in the last month. I have found it a great comfort to know that there is help in all aspects of business, and that if I have a problem or not sure about something ,I know there are women that have most likely already been through it at some stage. Support is vital when creating your business and it's such a wonder to be with inspiring women. So pleased I made the decision to join"
Tracie Lissenden - TJ Healing
Bath Group Member since November 2022

“Women Mean Biz is a community of inspiring and authentic women committed to helping each other succeed. Whatever the challenge, they have your back”.
Michelle Sullivan - Creidim Coaching Ltd 
Bath Group Member since November 2022

"I joined the Bath group a few months ago and have made some great connections both business wise and personally. The ladies in the group are all extremely supportive, welcoming and friendly. I have attended several networking events off the back of being a member of WMB and I would highly recommend the group for anyone wanting to make new contacts across a wide range of businesses".
Sherelyn Cowles - Gooding Accounts
Bath Group Member since August 2023


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