Sarah Newland

online-pro Member - North Somerset & Somerset ONLINE


I am Sarah and I am an Online Business Manager! I help my clients to maximise the entire customer experience; personalise it, streamline it and make it tip-top professional from initial enquiry, to the request for feedback.

A bit about me...

If you’re working with an outsourced team of 2-6 freelance team members and your still managing all the workload, tasks and to-dos, an OBM (or Online Business Manager) will be your salvation.

As an Online Business Manager I’ll step in and be your wing-woman. Leading in the decision making, heading up your team, growing it as necessary and putting systems, processes and structure in place to move your business on to the next level.

Making sure that you keep your sanity and that your team members are happy, working in their zone of genius and stick around for the ride.