Lesley Waldron

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Wild Country Woman

Wild Country Woman is a fitness business founded on the belief that exercise should fit into your hectic life and enhance your health in a positive way.

A bit about me...

Health, fitness, wellbeing, and the outdoors are a huge interest of mine. I really believe that spending time outside and getting moving more enables us all to live longer, happier and healthier lives.

I've been in the fitness industry for 4 years. I don't like the gym and I'm not keen on the way that much of the industry talks to women. I want us all to create a positive relationship with exercise for the long term, not just to achieve a weightloss goal. 

I have worked in public policy, higher education, fundraising, communications and even taught English in Argentina. I've managed large teams and worked freelance for small charities. I like to think that I bring all of these experiences into my work with clients. 

I live in Barrow Gurney with my husband and two children on the edge of an area of woodland called 'The Wild Country'. I spend as much time outside as I can...whatever the weather!