Angela Fumpson

pro Member - Bath

White Tiger Quality Management & Business...

White Tiger specialises in 3 things: Professional Business Mentoring Process mapping & improvement to streamline systems Quality management including mentoring for Quality teams and ISO9001 support.

A bit about me...

Welcome to my profile, my business is White Tiger and I am your thought partner for life and business.


I specialise and process improvement so that you can get the right buiness structure to grow. 


I am also a Quality geek and as a chartered quality professional for over 25 years I can help with mentoring quality teams and ISO9001.


My passion - Getting people and processes working together to achieve more than they thought possible.


Another passion of mine is Tigers and savng them from disappearing from the planet. My book 'A Business Journey for Tigers' donates to their cause.


What does being a thought partner and having mentoring from me look like?

Mentoring is a partnership, having someone as invested in your success as you are. Working with me brings two worlds together, firstly the practical business planning, process and quality expertise to get you a sustainable business. Secondly, the important element often missing from our business planning, our spiritual needs, ensuring that we maintain the joy in our lives that is often lost along the way. Our businesses and vocations are what we choose to allow us to live the life we want to lead - living life in the present and fully. We must also ensure that these life choices are aligned deep down with our soul path and higher wisdom. If we live conflicted then we store this in our body and it shows up as illness and struggle which can have a major impact on us and those around us taking us away from our true self.


The mentoring journey is a transformational process focused on you, understanding what it is you want to achieve and planning an effective way to turn that vision into reality. We tap into higher wisdom and guidance to align you and your business. We work on two levels transforming and transmuting the energy and things that are not serving you so that you can become who you need to be for your vision and most importantly getting clarity on the action needed to deliver it. All the while having a thought partner by your side for the journey. I don’t do anything to you. I hold space and empower you to do it, we all have an amazing gift and power within that we simply need to acknowledge, accept, commit and step into.


It is a well defined process in a way but the road is completely defined by you, in short it is really a process of transformation for you and your business. It is not always about getting something that you think you want or you are told you need. It is about you being transformed by focusing inward on your heart space and the renewing of your energy and awareness. Learning not conform to old paradigms that keep you stuck but transforming yourself and catching insight and intuition for your success. The result is the vision and plan that you are co creating with spirit and consciousness which now has a place to express - that place is called you.

"Angela is a perfect match for anyone who needs both practical solutions to business-related challenges, as well as seeks spiritual guidance on 'the bigger picture' - being able to visualise the life of your dreams and make sure your business is aligned with this and your core values." Emilia Skrzypek - Your Optimum Nutrition


""Angela is a perfect match for anyone who needs both practical solutions to business-related challenges, as well as seeks spiritual guidance on 'the bigger picture' - being able to visualise the life of your dreams and make sure your business is aligned with this and your core values." Emilia Skrzypek - Your Optimum Nutrition"

Recommended by Emilia Skrzypek - Your Optimum Nutrition

""Angela has really grounded me to help with clarity and focus. She has helped to reign me in from my bigger picture to look at the systems and process so I can build up momentum growing my business with a more direct approach. I would highly recommend Angela to help build an infrastructure within your company.""

Recommended by Mark Griffiths - Real Life Coaching International

"Fowlers of Bristol (Engineers) Ltd have been working with White Tiger to help us identify ways to make our business processes more efficient by streamlining, reducing errors and avoiding duplication. It was clear from day one that Angela brought a wealth of knowledge and experience from her time not only as a consultant but also from running her own Engineering Business, this meant that she understood the challenges we faced on a day to day basis and was able to interact with individuals at every level which was crucial for the project to be a success, Angela was able to carry out a full audit of our processes very quickly and present us with an initial report for us to review within a few days. One of the valuable improvements suggested was making the interface with our MRP software more user friendly to make it easier to input and retrieve data, which if seen through to completion would save us a great deal of time and reduce a lot of duplication. I would not hesitate to recommend Angela and White Tiger to other Engineering businesses."

Recommended by Gary White - Sales & Engineering Director - FOWLERS OF BRISTOL (ENGINEERS) LTD.

"It really means a lot to me, to have someone to share with and to have the guidance and support that you give. 29th June 2018 "

Recommended by Nick Kyprianou - Head of Programmes and Operations - Ultra Electronics Ltd

"Angela has supported my business for several years, and as a thought partner has helped me shift my focus to work that reflects my passions and enabled me to make money doing what I love."

Recommended by Tim Martin - Selling Service


Recommended by Lizzie Jones | Operations Director - SC Group (Supacat)

"Angela Fumpson Mentor - Productivity through People, Bath University 2018. Angela has been my Mentor throughout the Productivity through People programme, allowing me the support and being able to ask advice to progress. The support given has not only been professional, but also personal allowing me the opportunity to see the bigger picture, thus the importance that both go hand in hand. Thank you Angela for your support, and sharing the wealth of knowledge you have. "

Recommended by Chris Witheford, Production Manager, Ishida Europe Ltd, 2018


Recommended by Tristan Holloway - Head of Engineering Yeo Valley


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