Jane Watmough

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Watmough Bookkeeping

Watmough Bookkeeping - proactively bookkeeping to maximise business success.

A bit about me...

My name is Jane Watmough, l am a bookkeeper with over 20 years experience of helping small businesses stay in financial control and maximise their business success.

There is a great deal of stress and pressure in growing a business - owners don’t have time to manage their books or meet deadlines. This can lead to feeling overwhelmed and working late into the night.

I bring order to their books and keep the financial side running smoothly, getting all money in promptly and paying money when owed.  All VAT, PAYE and Cis requirements are met by the deadlines.

I produce up to date, accurate figures for them and their accountant to make decisions about the future.

The benefits for the client are peace of mind, so they can concentrate on doing what they do best.

Trusting that the accounts are being controlled and managed.

I provide commitment, thoroughness and attention to detail.