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NLP Training, Coaching and Hypnotherapy for people who want to reach their highest potential. I help individuals and teams to master their mindset, develop emotional agility and increase resilience to ensure high performance comes with a balance of well being.

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121 Coaching - for high achievers who are at a crossroads. They've followed the path to success, but feel unfulfilled. They'd love to have renewed purpose, feel energised and have more joy in their life, but they don't know where to start or keep hitting the same blocks that stop them getting where they want in life. 6, 9 or 12 Session packages. For the time poor professional - 2 day Personal Breakthrough Programme in a luxury 

Corporate Training and Workshops - for dynamic and forward thinking companies that recognise the key to business success and future proofing is by investing in their staff development to build adaptable, flexible thinking teams that are mentally and physically well. 

Mastering Your Mindset, Resilience and Wellbeing, Enhanced Communication, Effective Teams for the Future, Presentation and Training Skills, Emotional Agility and Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias.

NLP Training - Internationally recognised certification in

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™

I used to run an adventure playground and am still passionate about play as well as nutrition, whole health and fitness. I can often be spotted riding my bike at speed around the streets of Bristol. My other interests include yoga, climbing, travel and sustainability issues.




"My one-day Breakthrough Session with Fenella was life-changing. This intervention helped me to gain energy, clarity and focus for a personal change issue that was on the top of my agenda but I kept procrastinating for a long time. It was of enormous value; I now have a totally new approach to my everyday behaviour and priorities to support my transformation. Now there are no excuses and I effortlessly find new ways insert my new behaviours and the same time to be flexible in the environment I happen to be at any time. Now there is an automatic re-adjustment of my behaviour, to support my future success. If you are seeking someone to support you to make positive changes to your life or career in any way, then look no further than Fenella. I wholeheartedly recommend her, she will have complete commitment to you and desire for your success. NLP really works! The results are incredibly fast and for the long term. A Personal Breakthrough Session is an amazing transformational process where you can have life-changing results in a surprisingly short time! "

Recommended by George Diakonikolaou, Managing Director, Project Management Coach Ltd

"I was apprehensive at the thought of what I would be put through in having a personal trainer. Fenella responded to my needs in a way that brings the best out of me, recognising that I needed repetition to understand an exercise and to engage fully in what it’s purpose is in relation to my body. She coaches with firmness and encouragement as well as humour which makes our sessions enjoyable too. I have been consistently impressed with the development of my programme and her knowledge of adapting and choosing exercises that will accomplish my goals while recognising my limitations and unbalanced body. I have been amazed at the difference in my self confidence and the improved awareness I have of my body and at the age of 42 I finally don’t mind looking at myself in the mirror. I now have the confidence in my ability to run after avoiding it for 30 years."

Recommended by Kathryn Thomas, Painter

"I have had a number of niggling health problems in the last five years, which ultimately culminated in a diagnosis of hypothyroidism 18 months ago, and with that came the need for some help and direction and hope, all of which I found through Fenella’s advice, wisdom and experience. She doesn’t just look at the surface of a problem; she looks at the person as a whole. What’s more, she somehow inspires/coaxes/enables you to look at yourself and find your own answers. She is like a knowledgeable all-round guide to everything! For me, her advice started with fitness, then diet, then the impact of stress on my life and health. I have learnt so much! Ultimately though, I think the most valuable thing I have learnt from Fenella is self-belief and confidence in myself that I can get through this tough patch and have the life and health that I now see is out there for me. Thank you Fenella."

Recommended by Lynne Williams

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