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NLP Training, Coaching and Hypnotherapy for people who want to reach their highest potential. I help individuals and teams to master their mindset, develop emotional agility and increase resilience to ensure high performance comes with a balance of well being.

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Services I offer

121 Coaching - for high achievers who are at a crossroads. They've followed the path to success, but feel unfulfilled. They'd love to have renewed purpose, feel energised and have more joy in their life, but they don't know where to start or keep hitting the same blocks that stop them getting where they want in life. 6, 9 or 12 Session packages. For the time poor professional - 2 day Personal Breakthrough Programme in a luxury 

Corporate Training and Workshops - for dynamic and forward thinking companies that recognise the key to business success and future proofing is by investing in their staff development to build adaptable, flexible thinking teams that are mentally and physically well. 

Mastering Your Mindset, Resilience and Wellbeing, Enhanced Communication, Effective Teams for the Future, Presentation and Training Skills, Emotional Agility and Emotional Intelligence, Unconscious Bias.

NLP Training - Internationally recognised certification in

NLP Practitioner and Master Practitioner, NLP Coach, Hypnosis and Time Line Therapy™

I used to run an adventure playground and am still passionate about play as well as nutrition, whole health and fitness. I can often be spotted riding my bike at speed around the streets of Bristol. My other interests include yoga, climbing, travel and sustainability issues.




"Fenella is a fantastic coach she is inspiring yet kind and most of all she has a healthy dose of pragmatism. This makes Fenella exceptional, as she understands what it takes to make your dreams fit your lifestyle. She helps make your dreams into plans so that they become goals...and you CAN make them come true. "

Recommended by ​J. Nash Media Buying Manager

"I worked with Fenella recently to help refocus my life and understand what it was I have truly been looking for. I feel a weight has been lifted and understand now what I need to do to access my own future self. For the first time in years I'm looking ahead and feeling excited about what's to come in all areas of my life - professional and personal. Having someone that was able to listen and provide me with relevant and real feedback on my own thought process has been invaluable and I couldn't recommend her more highly. "

Recommended by Angharad Armitstead, Account Director

"I attended a day of NLP introduction run by AboveBeyond Coaching. The course material was fascinating and, although it was an introduction, I felt we benefited from a wealth of information. Fenella's presentation style was friendly and engaging, and I left the course feeling I had learned a lot of practical information that I could share with my team and put into use immediately. Highly recommended for anyone running a small business, managing a team, and interacting with clients.  "

Recommended by Helen Hart, Bristol

"I recently attended NLP - A Day of Discovery. I thoroughly enjoyed the whole experience and learnt so much about the principles of NLP and how these can be applied in day to day life. The content is fascinating and well delivered with a good mix of presentation teaching and interactive practical sessions. This course will increase your awareness of your own behaviours and will help to guide you towards taking control of your life - both at home and at work. It also gives valuable insight into the behaviours of others and how to maximise your interactions and relationships. I would highly recommend."

Recommended by Kerry Seymour, Bristol

""Thank you, seriously, from the bottom of my heart, for your insight, clarity, dedication and innovation. Your work provides people with real choice and therefore power over their own lives. The end result, for me, is incredibly freeing because it I have control where previously I thought I had very little. Thanks Fenella! Genuinely, you are the business""

Recommended by Lynne Williams

"I was very unhappy with life and was struggling to find clarity and positivity. You undid patterns of negativity, challenging me in how I felt and responded. You provided focus and positivity in a natural way with reassurance. Now, my anxiety and past feelings that weighed me down have gone and I do not dwell on anything anymore.  Things like exercise and eating better are now coming naturally without effort. I never thought I could feel this healthy and just lighter in mind, body and soul. I personally thank you from the bottom of my heart, months of counselling and CBT didn't do what you have done in a few weeks.    "

Recommended by C.W. Bristol

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