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90 min Networking Focus Session: Referral Success - book online

Tue 29th Mar,2022

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

£Free for Members, £30 (inc. VAT) for Non-Members

9.30am - 11am

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Your home or office

Would you like to receive more warm referrals?

We all know how important it is to ‘give’ and help one another in our networking community and this is at the heart of our WMB culture and values.

We also know that our members love to receive warm referrals with potential clients (well who doesn’t 😉), but what can you do to help this process so you increase not only the referrals you receive, but also the referrals you can give to others too.

Join Philippa for a 90 minute focus session on improving your referral rates and take your networking success to another new level. We will share how you can grow your relationships and inspire others to take steps to be more proactive with finding referrals.  You will also learn how to create a ‘referral pitch’ to help others to help you! 

You will also find out from our top networkers who have done extremely well with referrals and have built their business through the WMB community and continue to regularly receive referrals.

This is a very safe encouraging environment for you to come into and we genuinely want to help you succeed in all areas of networking.



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