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90 min Networking Focus Session: One Minute Message - book online

Wed 16th Feb,2022

Philippa Constable

01934 835396

£Free for Members, £30 (inc. VAT) for Non-Members

9.30am - 11am

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Your home or office

Creating a memorable one minute 'pitch' or message is one of the things that many business owners struggle with

Do you struggle with the one-minute round? Is your 60 seconds message really speaking to the room? Perhaps you feel it’s not interesting or you are bored saying the same thing every time!  Do you feel the words you say truly express what you do? Or maybe you’re worried it’s dull, or not pitched right, or you’re simply just not confident!

It's not easy, we know! You only have 60 seconds to make the right impression, and you have so much you want to say!  So how do you create a one minute message that truly reflects you and your business, the clients you work with, the problems you are solving, as well as be original and different so that you can stand out from the crowd?

Come and join Philippa for a focused 90-minute session where you can concentrate 100% and  create a one minute message that you can feel excited and proud of.   

It doesn't matter if you've been networking for years and years or just getting started. This mini bite-sized workshop will help anyone who is feeling bored with their messaging, or just want to try out something new, or perhaps you are just not feeling too confident right now with the message you have got and know it could be so much better.

Book your place now and come and create something that feels really great to read and hits the spot not only for those listening, but for you too!

This is a very safe encouraging environment for you to come into and we genuinely want to help you succeed in all areas of networking. 





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