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Instagram Reels for Beginners - book online

Wed 12th May,2021

Philippa Constable

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This webinar will take place over zoom and you will be sent the link by head office 24 hours before it is due to start.

 Are you hiding from Instagram Reels? 

Are you stuck for ideas on how to use Reels to represent your business? 

It’s not all pointing at words on a screen and feeling awkward you know!

Instagram Reels is the latest function available within the platform and also, the post powerful. It’s proven that when using Reels that you will reach new audiences and enjoy grow!  - it’s the future of the platform and I know it can feel overwhelming not to know where to start or, how to get the technology working to make something non cringe!


I’m Karen Goodbrand of The Goodbrand Collective!

I’m a self-titled "Creative Business Development focussed Marketeer" - so basically, I use marketing and creativity to drive sales. 

Before this, I had a very successful career in B2B sales and business development and then switched to work in Social Media Marketing where I launched a very trendy ice cream brand in the U.K. and across 19 other countries,  just using social media as our only marketing medium. 

In my business, I work with clients on anything from 1:1 Social Media training for beginners, through to weekly support, business development, and marketing director level consultancy.

I’m on a mission to help start-ups be seen, SME's to shine and business leaders to see the value of social media marketing which, ultimately will increase visibility and earnings!

Aside from working with my clients on a 1:1 and group basis, I have a Facebook group where I share tips, the latest in social media news and trends as well as some fun stuff, including challenges to help you raise your social media presence. I’d love to welcome WMB members over -