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Wed 10th Mar,2021

Cassie Gruitt

01934 835396

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11.30am - 12.30pm

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Multinationals and one-person-bands struggle with many of the same things. For over a decade, Sammy has worked with incredible start-ups, global businesses, charities, brand owners, individuals and, well, you name it. And what we all have in common is we think we need lots of ’stuff’ but we aren’t always sure why or what to do with it. 

Creating all this ’stuff’ and not using it just weighs us down, makes us heavy or complicated so we have two choices - get rid of all the stuff and let your organisation run free (not entirely recommended) or slim it down, work out what you need, what you don’t and how it is going to be a valuable asset to you. Then you can run your business/team/role/life with clarity and agility. 

Everyone thinks they need values, but what do we need them for and how do we make them really useful. In big businesses sometimes they are painted on the wall and glanced at occasionally, in smaller businesses we write them down then carry on because they are part of us so 'we don’t need to look at them’. 

"What’s the difference between a strategy and a plan? Do we need both?"
"I heard a purpose is really important - how do I get one, then what do I do with it?"
"I have a mission and a vision - around here somewhere…?"
"Business goals - yes they are in my emails, someone sent me them.”
“Oh I know my elevator pitch - two secs I’ll grab it!"

Come and spend some time with Sammy and together deciphere all of these elements, get them out of our desk drawers, blow the dust off of them and bring them together in one place where they are useful, valuable and alive. Or let’s do away with the bits we don’t need and stop feeling guilty about not being able to recite them off by heart!

This workshop is hosted by Sammy Burt - Backpack