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Why podcasting can benefit your business

by Hannah Stainer on 8th Aug 2020

Have you ever listened to a podcast? Are you one of the 7.1 million people in the UK who listens in to a show on a weekly basis? Or maybe you've heard of podcasts but aren't really sure what they're all about.

A podcast is essentially an audio file that is available online, usually via a platform like Apple Podcasts or Spotify. They are usually released regularly, often in a series format. If you've ever tuned into a radio show that might give you a good idea, and lots of radio shows now offer highlights in podcast format. The majority of podcasts listened to in the UK are actually of BBC based shows. 

Outside of radio podcasts are used by everyone from large and small businesses to charities to individuals sharing their hobbies. They range in length from a couple of minutes to 6 hours (a very popular history podcast), they come in all types of formats from talk shows, to guided meditations to stories and in every genre you can imagine. The most popular being True Crime. There really is something for everyone.

So why does this matter to you as an entrepeneur? 

I've been making the most of the range of workshops and webinars on offer and one of the messages that has come up time and again, both within WMB and in other trainings, has been the importance of being visible and, when it comes to finding and converting clients, the know, like and trust factor. First they need to know who you are and what you offer, then they need to like you and what you're about. Then you have to build that trust so they know and believe you can deliver whatever it is you are offering them.

The beauty of podcasts is that they are a cost effective and pretty simple and easy way of achieving this. And they are also easy for prospective customers to access. You can launch your own show very inexpensively (and even for free), find guest opportunities on established shows or turn some existing audio content into a podcast. Podcast listeners tend to be a very engaged audience - they are loyal and more likely to engage with a brand on social media. You can refer potential customers to your podcast (or guest episode) to give them an opportunity to get to know you, hear what you have to say and hopefully start building that like and trust up. 

Podcasts can also help you to establish yourself as an authority in your subject area. Whether you're a financial planner looking to share top tips for planning for retirement, passionate about finding people the best holidays or a coach, you can demonstrate your knowledge, advise your customers and build some amazing connections with others in similar industries. 

If you're keen to find out more about getting started, either as a guest or with your own show, I'm doing the keynote at Bradford on Avon this week (happy to deliver elsewhere too). I'm also offering a special podcast mentoring and set up support package for anyone who wants to dive in but wants to gain clarity on their format and on the technical aspects of recording, editing and publishing a podcast. Feel free to drop me a message to find out more. I'd also love to know your favourite podcast, if you have one. And you can check mine out at https://anchor.fm/psykhe


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