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What's fighting spirit got to do with business anyway?

by Wilma Allan on 20th Sep 2013

It would be naive to expect or even hope that life can be easy all of the time, wouldn't it? Having more success in your life is not necessarily about having an easy life. The greater your income the bigger your responsibilities and the more likely it is that things wiil go wrong, and more often. It's not about stopping things going wrong, it's about how quickly you can bounce back from the set-backs and meet the challenges head on.

So, do you have the fighting spirit of legendary sports personality, Muhammad Ali?  Here is a quote that this once most ebullient and gregarious man, now in the later stages of Parkinson’s disease.  This is a quote he was able to articulate himself at his 70th birthday party:

“I don’t feel sorry for myself so I don’t want anyone else to feel sorry for me. Some days are better than others but no matter how challenging the day, I get up and live it. Whatever the future holds, I will come out on top.”

Those are the words of a true fighter and champion.  Is that you too or have you got some fundamental money mind-set shifts to make?  How deep is your commitment to your own path to success?  Is the commitment to your success coming from your heart or your head?  

Where your thoughts, feelings and actions come from is crucial.  When you choose a fighter’s attitude and approach, you will notice the positive shifts beginning to show up in your new world.  Nurture an attitude of indomitable spirit, determination and belief that you can make the difference you want to make – and do this from your heart. 

We are all influenced by our critical self – that voice inside that questions our ability, our intentions and our vision.   When you hear doubt, fear, anxiety or criticism tapping at your conscious mind inside your head, stop.   Just stop it now.  Whatever you are in the middle of doing, allow yourself to be ruled by your heart, and not your head. 

To help with you this I want to share an exercise that my mentor gave to me.   Do this whenever you feel your energy sapped by self-doubt, fear and criticism and you will feel the difference and the shift in your power, I promise.

  1. Become aware of the voice
  2. Stop and acknowledge its presence
  3. Take a deep breath in
  4. Then imagine yourself gently and powerfully moving what you were doing when you heard the voice down to the area of your heart
  5. Breathe deeply and really feel what you feel, - feel the power of what you are creating

That statement of Ali’s is powerful and came from his heart.  Read it again.  Did you feel the energy and intention behind it?  The feeling of intent is palpable.  He’s made a decision that whatever the day holds for him, he is going to come out on top.  He’s a seasoned fighter, and knows what it’s like to fight and to win.  May be you are facing big challenges now in your life or your business.  Take heart and inspiration from someone who has walked this path before you. When you believe you can succeed and win, and when you put every last scrap of determination, intent and energy into making sure that you do – the odds are on that you will.


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