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The Money Midwife

Discover the key money habits that hold you back - join a 5 step program that helps you transition elegantly into earning more and keeping more money.

A bit about me...

“Wilma is an exceptional coach, who is warm and witty but lets you away with nothing! She pushes you to be better than you have ever been before, and uses a range of brilliant techniques to help you dig deep and find the answers needed to unlock your creativity and success. She is engaging and professional and great fun to have as your coach. She drives for the best in herself and you and stops at nothing less. She has a gift for drilling down to the nub of an issue and always has a model, a quote, an exercise, a thought which will help.

What Wilma is doing now for women beyond the break-up I know will be phenomenal ... and if this is you, you'll feel better if you have a chat with her! Thanks for a brilliant programme Wilma.”

Ali – Ali Stewart And Co/Leading & Developing High Performance

I support women in discovering the key money habits that sabotage them and hold them back.  Through 1:1 coaching, group coaching, workshops and public speaking I provide practical support and teaching you will form new and powerful money habits that allow you to transition elegantly into earning more and keepin more of what you earn - giving you the confidence to create more wealth in all areas of your life.

Most people have an unconscious limit of earning, beyond which they will self-sabotage and prevent themselves from reaching higher levels of income, whatever that level may be.

Typically, women struggle more than men to earn what they deserve. The level of a woman’s self-worth is directly linked to her ability to earn more money than before and therefore it is more than the mere practicalities of positive thinking and working hard that is going to make the difference.

Helping women everywhere to understand and improve their relationship with money and create their own financial security and independence is very close to my heart. Whether you are happily separated, unhappily separated, happily married and looking to create your own financial platform within that relationship or unhappily married and wanting to create some security before you feel free to make some big decisions, the possibility of being financially self-sufficient and creating financial independence is there for you, as it is for anyone. 

Qualifications  Certified Money Breakthrough Method ® Coach, Master Practitioner of NLP Coaching and NLP as well as a Master Practitioner of Hypnosis and a Spiritual Master Practitioner.

Before working with Wilma money was just a source of payment.  I had a core inherited belief from a family tradition that women don’t earn money and money was an unknown world to me.  Thanks to Wilma's experience, her support, patience and expertise, I'm able to look inward using a very constructive approach with money.  I am now able to look at money as a partner and a coach.  The work I did with Wilma provides me with the energy to take actions to earn money and to start my own business.  Money is not "a foreigner" to me anymore. I now have a good relationship with it. I feel energized about earning money and I have good vibrations around money!”  

Debbie Hayes