THE CHAKRA SYSTEM – part 6 of 8

by Robyn Harris on 11th Jun 2018


Unsurprisingly this chakra is located at the throat!  Its glands are:

  • thyroid
  • parathyroid.

The thyroid gland has 2 lobes that are located on either side of the larynx.  It secretes thyroid hormone with helps to regulate the body’s metabolic rate and calcitonin which affects blood calcium levels.

The parathyroid glands are found at the thyroid.  They secrete parathormone which works in opposition to calcitonin to maintain a homeostatic balance of calcium levels.  Parathormone  increases blood calcium levels by causing the kidneys and intestine to retain and absorb it, respectively.  It also releases calcium from the stores in the bones.  Calcitonin on the other hand causes blood calcium to be deposited in these bone stores.

The body parts influenced by this chakra are

  • neck
  • oesophagus
  • bronchi and lungs
  • shoulders
  • arms
  • hands

The colour of this chakra is bright sky blue;
its sense is the sense of hearing;
its element is sound;
its function is communication and creativity.

The food for this chakra is fruit.

When this chakra is balanced is enables strong, healthy communication and self-expression.  You feel comfortable speaking your truth and you feel that others listen to you.  You feel that you are heard and honoured for your truth.

When there is a lack of balance in this area it can result in sore throats, stiff neck, colds, thyroid problems and hearing problems.  It can also cause a fear of expressing oneself, or at the other extreme, being too blunt and hurtful.  It can also result in a feeling of being judged.

Our energies can fluctuate during the day, and our chakras can be more or less open in any given situation depending on what ‘pushes our buttons’.

Why not take some time to pay attention to how you’re feeling — whereabouts in your body do you feel tension / pain / ease / lightness?

Are there repeating patterns in your life?  Do they serve you or do they leave you feeling stuck?

If any of this has resonated for you I’d love to hear your thoughts.  Please leave a comment or contact me if you’d like to ask any questions or discuss things further:

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(This post was taken from my article on the chakras.  You can read the full text here)