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Staying Up On The Surf Board And Ahead Of The Wave

by Wilma Allan on 8th Feb 2013

Consider this:

What is it that you are most fearful of – what keeps you staying small?  My guess is that it’s your fear of being consumed by the wave.

You must be the architect of the changes that you want.  You cannot wait for the right circumstances to appear before you make the change – because it’ll never happen and the circumstances will never show up.   Any change and every action needs to happen before you know how, before you feel ready and before you know what the final result is going to be.

The thing that you’re most afraid of is being swamped by the wave.   Whenever you’re striving to do something new, unknown and challenging then it’s all about staying up on the surf board and ahead of the wave.

The fear is, that because you’re not yet an expert, you’ll be overtaken by the wave and get gobbled up.  So the temptation is to jump off the board before that happens ……….. and you get gobbled up anyway.  You’re churned up-side down, washed up on the shore disorientated and dizzy.

Yet, you’re determined to succeed, so you wade back into the waters and head out for the next wave.

The worst that can happen is what is already happening, because you are the creator of your reality.  You are already creating the situation of being gobbled up by the wave.

So, what if you set the intention to stay on the board, stay ahead of the wave and hold your nerve?  The worst that can happen is that you’ll get gobbled up again by the next wave – but that’s happening anyway isn’t it? 

What if you found that you could stay on the board and ride that wave all the way  into the shore?


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