Vik Martin

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The WP Nurse

A caring, approachable web developer who specialises in Wordpress. I build troubleshoot, fix, care for, host and develop Wordpress sites - I can also give you a tour of the backend of your site, a writtten review or consult and support you through your own build.

A bit about me...

I’m a friendly web developer working mainly in Wordpress, with 10 years experience with WordPress and  20 years experience of digital imaging. I have a background in the arts, education and photography, a range of articles in print and an increasing knowledge of web design and programming languages. (HTML, CSS, PHP, (Javascript coming soon…))

In collaboration with other creative and marketing types I can build, fix, troubleshoot, host, care for and help to develop your WordPress site so that it can be the central pole and the shopfront of your business.

If you want to DIY I offer clinic sessions so you can spend an hour with me in the backend of your site and become comfortable there - or I can produce a detailed revew of your existing site with suggestions for development.

I will meet with you for free to discuss your options then design a package of services to suit your needs.

Have a look at my website to see how I can help



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