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The Warrior Programme

We offer bespoke personal training programmes for women, focusing on helping you get stronger, fitter, tone up and become more confident.

A bit about me...

At school, I was sporty but but clever at the same time, so a very difficult one to pigeon hole! I've definitely got some genetic blessings - I'm strong and fast - but definitely not genetically skinny!

At university, I stopped exercising, ate a load of crap and stopped exercising. I lived in a horrible flat share, wasn't very happy and kind of let myself go. I didn't really realise, until one day I did, and decided it had to come off and fast. Cycling and big dietary changes were key and I lost the excess weight in 3 months and it's never come back. (*Results vary between clients and are dependent on many factors*)

For 8 years, I spent  12+ hours per day sat at my desk or a wheel. I thought it would be fine, it's only sitting down, I'm young, it won't matter. However, at just 24, the sedentary lifestyle started to get to me. I couldn't shift a few pounds around my middle, my stress levels were through the roof, I was bored, frustrated and always achy and tired. 

I'd been going to the gym regularly for a couple of years, but I found that my work was interfering with my motivation levels to go. I'd get home around 6, crash on the sofa and be too tired to cook or go to the gym. Not ideal. 

So, I started looking for a way to make it work for me.  I didn't want to spend every hour of my life in the gym, or eat chicken and broccoli every meal for the rest of my life! But, I didn't want to feel like this anymore - I wanted to feel fit, strong, full of energy, less stressed and to get rid of the aches and tiredness. 

Here's where I can help you - I've done the leg work! I've tried cycling 150+ miles per week, poledancing, kickboxing, swimming, heavy weight lifting, a bodybuilder diet, high fat & low carbs, low fat & high carbs and combined all of what I've learned into The Warrior Programme®.


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