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Amy Newton Personal Trainer

I offer bespoke personal training and nutritional coaching packages to women who want to look, move and feel better.

A bit about me...

I've always loved sport and fitness, but when I put on three stone at university (pizza, sitting and major boredom), I'd forgotten about all of that! It crept up on me until, one day, I realised. 

I wanted to do something about it - I hadn't ridden a bike in ten years, due to a childhood accident, but I thought this would be a good place to start. I loved it and my enthusiasm for the new adventures I was having masked any concerns about my weight. Within about six months, the weight was pretty much gone and I was climbing Alpe D'Huez, one of the toughest Tour De France mountains!

I use my journey and my expertise to help you become your best possible self. Through my Curves, Glow and Strength system, I help you develop the power, energy and wellness that you are craving, to be able to live your life to the fullest and to fulfill your purpose. 

I'm a bit different to most common perceptions about personal trainers - I'm not a bodybuilder, I won't tell you to eat egg whites for breakfast and I'm no drill sergeant! Instead, we'll work together to create an effective and exciting training programme and balance your eating habits with your lifestyle, to create life long, sustainable changes. 

Check out or - all Women Mean Biz members are entitled to a free trial session with me - just drop me a line to claim yours! 


"'Fitness made fun, the sessions are full of laughter and encouragement, which makes the pain that bit more bearable' 'I'm really enjoying the sessions - I like how Amy varies the focus each week and that she is slowly upping the intensity. She is definitely a positive motivator and I feel stronger already!' 'I think it helps that she is an achievable/realistic shape herself, which makes her a perfect role model and goal to work towards. She looks like she not only exercises but eats well too, she is fit as opposed to skinny.'"

Recommended by Ashfords Solicitors

"'Amy is a great motivator. I was impress ed from the outset at how she listened and observed in order to understand my specific requirements and now each session really builds on the previous one.'"

Recommended by Andrew Brown, Aon

"'I always feel really positive during and after our sessions together. I leave feeling energised!'"

Recommended by Caroline Hannawin

"'You've literally changed my life! I always used to give into cravings and kind thought I'd go right back to how I was once we finished, but I'm eating exactly how I'm supposed to, it's second nature now! Didn't have anything sweet at all yesterday! Amy's She's helped me not just lose weight but eat more healthily and get into some great habits, almost without realising! I feel much more confident in my body and my lifestyle and it's all thanks to Amy.'"

Recommended by Judy Clifton

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