Jill Roberts

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Leamington Therapy

Helping men and women find their own path to the happiness and success they deserve.

A bit about me...


I inspire people to realise that they have a choice about the outcome of their lives. My philosophy is that laughter and being heard are vital to creating a life of ease and happiness, and I am expert at helping both men and women to achieve just that.    

As an intuitive therapist qualified in CBT, Clinical Hypnotherapy, Coaching, and NLP, I have worked with a variety of people, including survivors of sexual abuse.  My diverse skills and experience enable me to guide  people on their journeys giving me deep insight into the workings and defences of the human mind, of self-sabotage, and the inner critical voice that is so adept at hindering our chances of success.

As an inspirational, humorous, and engaging speaker, I share my insights and wisdom in a clear and enlightening way that inspires others to identify and overcome any obstacles that hold them back.  My talks and programmess are a powerful catalyst for accelerating professional and personal development by giving people the opportunity to find the space that they need within themselves to be who they really want to be.

"By accepting without judgement you give people the space to grow"

Jill Roberts



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