Julia Cawte

pro Member - Bristol

Communicate with Confidence

I offer training in public speaking and presentation skills, using an integrative approach using the mind, the body and the voice as this achieves the best results.

A bit about me...

I set up Communicate with Confidence because I love helping people build their confidence, find their voice and take up their space in the world.  I have been helping people transform their relationship with public speaking for the last twelve years and what I have found is that although most people want to build their confidence and skills for professional reasons it goes much deeper than that - to the core of who they are.  A question we can consider is how can we be ourselves when we are the centre of attention?  

My background is coaching, drama and qi gong (energy work similar to tai chi) and I use these skills in my training and one to one work.  

After working in London as a Probation Officer and suffering from serious burn out, over the last fifteen years I have rebuilt my life (in a very different way than before!) and have gone on a huge journey from being invisible in the world to more visible.  This journey reflects my clients' and I get a huge buzz from seeing people move away from fear, build their confidence and skills and take up their space in the world.

When I am not working I enjoy anything where I feel in the flow such as art, drama, particularly inprovisation, skating and skiing.




Recommended by Mailin, Lawyer


Recommended by Dr John Rogers, Councillor, Ashley Ward


Recommended by Barry, Business Development Officer


Recommended by Clare Millar, Nutritional Therapist


Recommended by Tristan Hogg, Director of Pieminister Pies


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