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Ruthie & Rose - Success & Wellness Coaching...

Success & Wellness Coaching for ambitious women designed to help your simplify and scale your success with ease.

A bit about me...

Ruthie Johnson is the founder, coach and self-care enthusiast behind Ruthie & Rose - success and wellness coaching for ambitious women to help them prioritise themselves, learn how to balance it all and scale their success stress-free with ease & alignment.

Ruthie is a qualified Transformational Coach, Personal Trainer & Nutritionist, having worked with over 150 clients in her 5+ years of experience.

Behind-the-scenes of her business, Ruthie enjoys spending time with her boyfriend and their cat Matilda, at the gym, or enjoying the cocktails she can in Bristol, and on her travels. You can connect with Ruthie on Instagram @ruthieandrose or explore more of her work & resources at


"The work we’ve done together has completely changed the way I run my business! Before working with Ruthie I felt overwhelmed, with too much to do and never enough time or energy to get it all done. I’ve now gained hours back in my life, and am able to put myself first and focus on my self care. I realise my business can't thrive unless I do and I’ve learned how to love and have compassion for myself. Ruthie helps you you can get out of your way, and if you’re on the fence know that ​​she’ll change your life for the better, I'm sure of it!"

Recommended by Camila Lusso, Tech Specialist

"Before I started with Ruthie I was struggling, anxious and a ball of unproductive stress. All the "cookie cutter" approaches didn't work for me and I felt like I had NONE of the tools to help me. After our work together, I genuinely feel more in control of my life and business. I’ve raised my prices, have the space to take on more clients, and have routines that actually work (and I've even start exercising again!!) My biggest takeaway has been that I can’t best serve my clients until I serve myself - it's changed the game for me. I feel SO much better for it and it shows!"

Recommended by Nicole Malthaner, Social Media Manager

"I feel strong, confident, & mentally I’m the toughest I’ve ever been. And I lost 30lbs! I used to have no belief in myself whatsoever. That's completely changed - I love & look after my body, and can definitely say I love who I am now. Ruthie's support has been everything. Not only does she coach you, but coaches you to coach yourself. My life throughout this whole process has changed so dramatically - and all of it’s positive. "

Recommended by Emmeline Hanney

"Ruthie has been instrumental in my personal growth. There has been such a shift in my personal life and business since I started working with her. With her help, I have worked through negative self-talk and my fear of failure. I've gained confidence and let go of habits that were no longer serving me. I've gained confidence, let go of habits no longer serving me, and so much has shifted for me! I can honestly say I would not be where I am without her help! I know and trust big things are coming and I can't wait for them!"

Recommended by Kara Ferguson, Video Strategist

"I’ve gone from feeling really anxious & overwhelmed all the time to being so much more confident, three stone lighter, and consciously wanting to be healthy (which I never thought would happen!). Everyday I’m pushing myself forward to be the best me I can be. Her support and motivation have been amazing - she’s been with me every step of the way and helped me figure it all out. She believes in you 100% and I can’t thank her enough! Ruthie's given me such a different life! I can't even put into words how happy I am I decided to do this!"

Recommended by Emily Dennett, Digital Marketing

"Before I was stressed out to the max, I couldn’t switch off and felt like my business was out of control. Now I'm able to slow down and step back so I can focus on myself or having fun! My business feels much easier and more sustainable than ever before - I have more clarity, I’m taking more intentional action and I'm working less. I’m finally building a business that fits what I want for my life! If you’re looking to reclaim the life you want I’d definitely recommend Ruthie!"

Recommended by Sarah Flagg, Social Media Manager

A bit more about me

What's the most enjoyable thing about your work?
I love seeing women transform and sustain the changes they make.

If you could give one single piece of advice to a new start up business, what would it be?
Clarity is everything - knowing your vision makes it much easier to create what you want, stay in alignment and make great decisions, and navigate any blocks that come up. Don’t forget the importance of pausing to keep you on your own path.

Which one phrase or quote sums up your attitude to business life?
‘You can’t pour from an empty cup - make sure yours is overflowing’


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