Nicky Bevan

wmb pro Member - Somerset

The Emotional Resilience Coach

You know that bitchy voice in your head that judges you, criticises you, compares you to others & holds you back from enjoying your job & your kids? You know that feeling of life being a constant hamster wheel of kids cooking cleaning, clients? Well, I teach you how to overcome that voice so that you break free from the judgement & teach you time management skills that help you escape the constant rushing.

A bit about me...

Hi, I'm Nicky, the loving no bullshit Life Coach. Mum to 2 gorgeous boys who are now bigger than me (how did that happen?!), 1 old dog, 1 snake & wife to the amazing Jonny Bevan (and yes, I do take some credit for his amazingness ?). 

I've learnt how to deal with my bitchy voice & the emotions it creates so they don't hold me back anymore.

I'm not perfect but I do consider myself to be an overall very loving no bullshit badass when it comes to emotional resilience & creating a life I enjoy living, instead of the one I ‘should’ be living. I love helping people do the same.


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