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Layton Counselling & Coaching

My business focuses on the blending of counselling and coaching which provides a powerful journey in reflecting on the origins of the issues and then learning the tools and planning how to go forward to achieve the desired goal.

A bit about me...

I have spent most of my career in HR, with the last 10 years within Diversity & Inclusion, which I am extremely passionate about. I qualified as a transformational life coach in May 2021 and decided to leave the day job and set up my own coaching business in March 2022. I then spent a period of time studying and recieved qualifications in Professional Coaching, NLP, Time Line Therapy® and hypnosis.  My business focuses on the blending of counselling and coaching which is so powerful and I absolutely love helping others to learn more about themselves and what they need to achieve their goals. I am also a qualified Mental Health First Aider and I work with organisations in providing workshops, presentations, group sessions and 1 to 1 support for their staff. I particularly love helping parents and this is why I also work with businesses who want to better support their working parents.

I live in Thornbury with my family - a husband in the armed forces, a very lively 5 year old called Ellie-May, and an even livelier cockapoo called Cherry. I also keep chickens who are my little therapy dinosaurs.


"I had a wonderful time working with Vikki, she has a very emphatic approach and creates a personalised experience and a safe environment. I would highly recommend her hypnotherapy sessions. "

Recommended by Iris V.O

"Vikki is very approachable and empathetic, I felt fully listened to and that a weight had been lifted after talking with Vikki. She gave me some valuable tips, strategies and alternative ways of thinking about my perspective on things that bothered me. I would highly recommend vikki ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️"

Recommended by Julie Daniell

"Even after my first session with Vikki I felt like I was on the right track. I knew it wouldn’t be an overnight fix but I was able to be totally honest about what I wanted to work on and the number of sessions I could likely afford and Vikki came up with a plan. I liked hearing the theory behind why we were using a particular methodology in my sessions, why Vikki thought it was the right approach for me personally."

Recommended by Siobhan Doherty

"I came away from my time with Vikki, not only with more clarity, but also feeling empowered and able to make positive changes. Vikki’s intuition and strong observational skills work hand in hand with her impressive skills as a coach, creating a supportive environment that enables you to get to the root of things and work towards resolution. I wholeheartedly recommend Vikki as a coach to anyone."

Recommended by Jo Williams

"This woman changed my life. I am someone who is now inspired by her. I was and still and digging out of a bad place. I trust her. She goes above and beyond for me. So much love and help in a professional manner. I look up to Vikki and she treats me with such respect. She has help me understand I am not my thoughts, past or problems. She helps me to navigate my everyday life with anxiety, depression, PTSD, undiagnosed ADHD and bad relationships and habits. I thank God I found this woman. Suicide thoughts no longer reside in my head. I have learnt and and still learning how to practically and mentally speak with things I see as problems. Invest in your mental health. Without your mind you cannot do nothing. This is the best investment I have made this year. I have blossomed in my career in the space of a few weeks. I now build my relationships. I learn to lisern. Read books. Understand things. Not take things personally. I even found love and more. But I will let you find out how to change your life with Vikki. Even just 1 session I knew and felt amazing. It hurts and it’s not easy because I felt so seen and vulnerable. I’m not training to be a nurse and life coach myself alongside other things. I have the utter most respect and love for Vikki. So authentic"

Recommended by Chanai Bradley Fofanah

"Coaching with Vikki has surpassed all my expectations. I went to Vikki feeling very overwhelmed with all aspects of my life and feeling exhausted trying to find solutions on my own. We worked through the various areas of my life where I was struggling. The sessions had a good structure and pace (not too fast, not too slow). I could see the difference in how I was viewing and handling things within a couple of sessions which gave me the confidence to progress to more complicated areas. By the end of our sessions I felt in control of my life, understanding my priorities and areas I would like to focus on. Most importantly I came away with clear techniques to build my resilience so that I can handle problems and blockers as they arise in the future. I cannot thank Vikki enough for the impact she had on my wellbeing. I would thoroughly recommend Vikki and Life coaching to anyone."

Recommended by Hayley Edwards


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