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Prøject Wøman is creating the next generation of emotionally, physically and spiritually strong women through it's online 8 week experience and private membership.

A bit about me...

Menopause is the second biggest career break for a woman. 70% of women experiencing menopause or peri menopausal symptoms felt they couldn't tell their employer the reason why.

More than 1 million women feel under pressure to quit their jobs due to menopause/peri menopause.

80% of women in the workplace experience menstrual cycle health issues without knowing their period is a vital sign of their health and when healthy, can mitigate the current symptoms of menopause/peri menopause.

I support women that work hard/work for themselves or have reached the top of the corporate ladder and are clouded with confusion on how to maintain their health, or the approach they've used for years now isn't working and areas of their life are suffering. 

I advise companies that are excited and interested in creating a forward-thinking approach towards women's health and need a kickstart in getting their unique support package started.

Through the Prøject Wøman 8 week experience, private membership and hormone clinic based in Exeter, I am inspiring the next generation of emotionally, physically and spiritually strong women to nourish their health and excel in all areas of their lives.

With nearly 20 years of experience in the wellbeing sector, travelling the world to understand many life-changing approaches to long-term health, I now support women to simplify their approach, reducing confusion and emotional overwhelm.

By educating, supporting and inspiring women to be autonomous in their health, confident women are revealing themselves and changing the path for the future generation of female founders and entrepreneurs.

To learn more, please visit www.abiadams.co.uk 





"I turn 40 this year and finally have an understanding of what is happening to my body every month. This thing I thought was a female disadvantage, is actually our greatest power. I have so much more confidence and awareness in myself. I really struggle to absorb information but Abi explained everything in such a way I have been able to take it in and apply it straight away. Abi was caring and supportive and created a space for everyone on the course to feel open and share. Our weekly calls, support chats, Facebook group, coursebook, exercise classes, meditations, playlists and all the additional guest speakers were more than I'd imagine from this course. This course is life-changing. It should be taught to everyone. It has been such a gift and I can't thank Abi enough."

Recommended by Lorna May

"Abigail is the most incredible teacher I have ever been taught by. Her attention to detail when you are moving your body is profound. Abigail taught me on Akhanda yoga teacher training. She completely re-modelled the way I approached teaching a yoga class. Kindness generosity openness and fun allowed us to truly be ourselves within the yoga classes that she taught us. She is revolutionary in the way she explores movement. Always open to finding a way for you to move your body and mind the way your body and mind can move at that moment, whilst encouraging you to seek. I feel blessed to be taught by Abigail. She helped me move beyond the fear I held in my body by opening my mind to another way to approach movement. A highly recommended teacher, guide, a divine whole, empowered woman, who holds space for you to grow safely. "

Recommended by Sal Worringham

"I genuinely didn’t realise there was a different way to view my cycle… at 33 years old I had horrible PMS and after my period I would have a lot of anger and frustration. I'm self-employed and have a very active job, part of my job is I teach pole dance so wear small shorts and little clothes for most of the week. I have Pole Danced for over 10 years and have just powered through on my period. I had been looking at Abi's course for about a year, In the lockdown, I decided to do it. It was the best decision I've ever made, I honestly can’t explain how much it has opened my eyes. Every week Abi was so present and really listened to us. She is so knowledgeable at so many angles of the cycle, I felt like i could ask any questions that Abi would be able to give some advice on or support. She has helped me view my cycle, my diet, my needs, my hormones, my life differently! She helped us all understand what’s happening in our bodies - which is crazy at 33 years old! After every session, I’d call my friends and say I can’t believe we weren’t taught this in school! It was particularly helpful for me being self-employed, I found I started to talk to my clients more about my cycle and they’d start opening up to, it hasn’t just helped me but the people around me too. It is so damn interesting and i really believe Abi can help so many women!!! Thank you, Abi for changing my view of my cycle, a life-changing experience."

Recommended by Bryony Farrar


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