Jane Morris

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Freedom and Ease

I work with women in their 40’s and beyond to help them reduce and manage their back pain so that they can get back to enjoyng their lives and reclaim their mojo.

A bit about me...

Hi I’m Jane. I've lived and worked in Bristol for more than 20 years and I love it. I share my life here with my partner, dog, family and friends. I love reading, walking, camping and just being outside.

I retrained as an Alexander Technique Teacher after suffering with neck and back pain for many years, because as I began to learn the Technique it gave me back hope that things might change.  

I was doing less and less of what I enjoyed and was finding life hard. Luckily a friend suggested I could try the Alexander Technique. When I'd been learning and practicing the Technique for a while, as well as reducing my neck and back pain, I noticed that my posture had begun to improve, I felt better and that I was more able to manage my stress levels and the challenges in my life.

I was hooked, so I retrained as I wanted to share the Technique with others and enable them to experience the hope and change that I had experienced.