Annika Grizzell

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Annika Grizzell Wealth Management

I make talking and sorting out all things financial easier and more accessible. Financial planning isn't the most engaging topic, and will often be pushed down the priority list! But with a little support, a friendly chat and no jargon it can actually be an empowering step to take control and put in place a financial plan that provides confidence with your finances and ultimately peace of mind.

A bit about me...

I love being by the sea and having grown up in Cornwall always have a pull to get back to the coast when I can.  Now living just outside Cirencester, it's a bit of a further drive than it used to be, but whenever possible I take my daughters to enjoy the sea air and getting in the water for a surf.

Having worked for 14 years in the Corporate Technology sector primarily in Treasury, I decided I needed a lifestyle rather than a job.  So, I now run my own business doing something I have a real passion for through making a positive difference on people's lifestyles while also keeping the mum hat on with the ability to flex my time.