Maxine Ward

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Maxine Ward , Celebrant and Life Coaching

I am a Celebrant and a Life Coach. I create and deliver unique and bespoke ceremonies for weddings, baby naming and other celebratory occasions and I write and read funeral services.

A bit about me...

I am a listener and storyteller.

I tell stories of new beginnings, a new life created by love and promises made to a new baby that will nurture, encourage, and support them for the rest of their lives, in baby naming celebrations.

I tell stories of unity, creating a space where the spoken word paints a picture of two people declaring their commitment to one another by sharing their story and exchanging vows to make memories that last a lifetime at weddings.

I talk with those who have lost a love, to tell stories of a life that was lived, a life that mattered and a life that will be missed. Memories that bring tears and memories that bring a smile at funerals.

I work with people to create a story of their future that is so compelling that they begin to move towards their life goals with more certainty and ease, using trusted techniques to enable breakthrough thinking and purposeful action.

I am a celebrant and I am a Life Coach.  Every story that you or I create will be unique no two are ever the same.


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