Penny Redman

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Nuvola Ltd

Fundamentally, our business is about helping our clients use technology to improve their business and operations.

A bit about me...

With a background in finance & having run my own business, I am well placed to help businesses with their software needs. I am passionate about project management, requirements engineering & UX. Ultimately helping to create systems that increase productivity & that people enjoy using.

Nuvola is a boutique software house based in the seaside town of Clevedon, North Somerset. Our passion is in helping our clients use technology to improve their business and operations. We do this in the following ways:

App Development - For small and medium businesses
Behind the scenes: Give field sales and/or operations staff the tools and company data they need. By integrating with your business systems, an app for your staff improves information flow, leading to less friction in your business processes.

Customer facing: A useful app that meets a need can increase engagement with your customers. Like the life journal app we built for a life coach that brought in recurring revenue and enabled regular connection with current and potential coaching clients.

Systems - For small growing businesses:
We often work with clients who’ve been using standard software, like spreadsheets, that doesn’t quite do what they need it to do. They’re not sure how to manage complex data better.

Nuvola has a solution. We start with one of our standard systems (like our CRM software) and tailor it to your needs. This gives you the best combination of an off-the-shelf product and something designed specifically for your business. The cost is designed for smaller companies too.

Consultancy - For medium businesses and membership organisations:
Procuring software from a large supplier can be intimidating. Nuvola’s support makes it easier to document your requirements and go through the supplier selection process. We can manage the implementation of the new system, keep your suppliers honest, and provide the development services to integrate your new software with your existing systems, if needed.

Website Development - For all sizes and types of business:
Your business deserves a good website. Our experience in developing for the web is deep and wide. We’ll work with you to find out what best fits your needs, from simple, static, brochure-type pages to a complex multi-functional website and intranet with deep integration to the business.


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