Sammy Burt

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A bit about me...

Backpack works with all manner of organisations to ensure their brand is working hard enough for them - inside and out. 

Firstly we need to ensure its fit for purpose; does the organisation understand the brand experience it creates and delivers? And does that align with their marketing and communications? Essentially does the organisation look and feel the same in every interaction?

Internally Backpack assesses the cultural health of the company using robust tools that gathers and analyses data from every colleague creating recommendations for future focus. This leads to improved values alignment and culture change. 

Brand Definition | Brand Creative | Brand Strategy | Marketing and Communication Strategy | Cultural Health check | Vision and Value Proposition | Customer Insight | Positioning | Values Definition | Embedding Values | Cultural Change .


"“Sammy brought wonderful warmth and enthusiasm which really encouraged our team to fully engage. The results were insightful, they painted a recognisable picture and surfaced issues and new ideas that we are now addressing. The work has had a significant positive impact on CiteAb. I am very pleased we decided to work with Backpack and would happily recommend to others.""

Recommended by Andy Chalmers, CEO. CiteAb

""Sammy helped us enormously in getting clarity on a difficult project. She is a quite exceptional listener, and having listened, has a talent for identifying the critical points and helping to unpick them and find constructive ways forward. Supportive, practical and strategic, Sammy is a pleasure to work with. She knows her stuff, and shares her expertise for great results.""

Recommended by Tabitha Ross, Head of Comms, Unseen

"“Our new Value Proposition led to a true and compelling story of who we are and what we do - what we have always done - because it was developed from customer insight and our teams’ own desires. I am proud to present it to clients and prospects and they are equally excited by it and what it means for them.""

Recommended by Ali Meredith, Strategy Director

"“Sammy thinks top down and bottom up which leads to strategies that are fit for purpose and are practically achievable. I enjoy developing ideas with her as she has both a creative and commercial mind. Her confidence in our objectives and intent meant that she was comfortable with positive conflict. This helped us to work faster and more openly with one another in a true and honest partnership.”​"

Recommended by Annemieke Hartman - Jemmett Chief Commercial Officer OneCircle | KeyKeg