Sarah Morant

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The Positive PA

My business is all about giving you more time to do your business. I help with all those jobs that take you away from what you want to be doing, the work that you went into business to do.

A bit about me...

I'm passionate about helping people and love making them smile and have a better day.  I'm also a great listener and a pretty good problem solver too.  That last bit can come in handy for beekeeping, which is what I do with my husband Andy in our spare time.  It can be hard work sometimes and quite demanding, but it's so rewarding, not just for the delicious honey each year, but also to look after such an important species that contributes so much to the wellbeing of us all.

I'm also lucky to have a wonderful family. Andy and I have three beautiful children between us and they have given us seven glorious grandchildren, ranging in age from 19 to 10, the youngest two being twin girls, the rest are boys. What more could I want!