Orla Kirby

pro Member - Bristol

Orla Kirby Hypnotherapy

I am a Solution Focused Hypnotherapist, offering weekly session at two locations in Clifton Bristol, to help people with anxiety, OCD, phobias, insomnia, anger issues, high stress levels or sustained low mood transform their lives by helping them learn how to become active in their own brains in a more beneficial, calm and creative way, so that they can form their own solutions and move towards their own preferred future.

A bit about me...

I believe that people shouldn't have to put up with poor mental health, that they shouldn't have to put up with, live with or 'manage' ongoing depression, anxiety or fear. I believed that the human mind has a huge capacity for healing, renewal and change, and that the techniques for tapping into this capacity are teachable and can be learned by anyone. 

I also believe that each woman has the right to a positive birth experience, however they would define that for themselves personally.

I came across hypnotherapy originally because of my own wonderful experience with HypnoBirthing during both my pregnancies and the births of my two children. So I am excited to be returning to this arena with the start of my own work as a HypnoBirthing Practitioner

I have also been delighted to learn about and witness just how much can be accomplished using related ways of working on a wider scale -- how much progress can be made in terms of human mental health and wellbeing using the transformative power of relaxation techniques, hypnosis and positive, future-focused talking and thinking techniques. It is a huge privilege to work with clients in this way as they work to transform their own mental health, their own wellbeing, and their general overall experience of life. 




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