Susan Ryrie

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Susan Ryrie Bowen Therapy

I use gentle touch muscle release therapies, Bowen, NST, Emmett, to help people, horses and dogs. I mentor people in the use of games based, concept based dog training.

A bit about me...

My motivation in my work is to enhance quality of life; for animals and for people.

I help with physical pain, stiffness and postural problems by use of Bowen technique, Neuro Structural Integration Technique, and Emmett technique. I work on people, horses and dogs. Feedback from clients often mentions reduction in pain, increased energy, better performance in horses, improvements in sleep. The techniques are all gentle, calming and relaxing; enjoyed and well-tolerated by humans and animals alike!

I have also spent many years teaching in universities, and recognise the concept based, games based style of dog training as something very special. I now introduce people to this method, providing 1-2-1 support initially, and mentoring them towards independent use of the immense library of resources available online.


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