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We want to live a joyful, meaningful, healthy life but sometimes that's hard to do - we can get stuck, or lose who we are.

A bit about me...

I'm Hannah and honestly the biggest thing I can tell you about me is I am a geek - I love all things Marvel, Lord of the Rings, Harry Potter...you get the picture! I also love Psychology and the brain and could honestly talk about mental wellbeing all day long.

I am a Mindset and Mental Wellbeing Coach, Youth Coach and Qualified Teacher, which means that I help people who are struggling with their mental health or with who they are to get to a better headspace.

A few years ago I realised I wasn't really ok so I started this process to transform how I felt about myself to get to where I am now, where I feel pretty ok most of the time. I want to share what I've learnt with others, and so Psykhe was born. I love podcasting (check out the Psykhe Podcast), crossfit, being on or in the water - especially wild swimming, and music. I'm also super excited to be part of Women Mean Biz and meet you all. 


"Hannah has the ability to make complex subjects easier by being compassionate and understanding, as well as breaking each module down so it's easier to understand and learn. She not only with help with study but she will listen if you have any worries or issues and help to the full extent of her abilities. As a person with ASD and anxiety, it was easy to feel overloaded or that I couldn't cope with a normal workload, but Hannah always set aside time to discuss my worries with me and help me feel more confident about not only my abilities to do work but also within myself about my conditions. You've helped me a lot with not only study but becoming a kinder, calmer and more understanding person by being yourself."

Recommended by Shannell (client)

"Hannah has been a dedicated SEN teacher to my son Hugh on Saturday mornings for over 2 years. I first engaged Hannah after Hugh left his specialist dyslexia school to join mainstream education. As well as being a highly qualified and experienced SEN teacher, Hannah also specialises in Maths and Science to GCSE level, and has successfully taught Hugh across the range of the Key Stage 3 curriculum. Hannah has become like a family member, her professionalism, research and currency on all topics, as well as her dedication and friendly nature has ensured exceptionally high standards of support for Hugh, giving him immense confidence in himself and his abilities to succeed. We feel very fortunate to have found this support. Hannah specialises in a number of fields and has been able to connect with Hugh in a variety of ways including his passion for ICT, regularly working this into lessons to make learning fun and productive. Moreover listening, coaching, and supporting Hugh when he found that others did not fully understand how hard he must work to keep up, which is also exhausting for him. Hannah always turned this around, often working with us to pick Hugh up after a particularly difficult week, creating first and foremost a conducive, supportive and fun environment in which to learn. This regular support took the all-important edge off homework, classwork, learning, and revision enabling Hugh to engage and enjoy school life to the full. Hannah worked with the school SEN and tutors to ensure a consistent approach, and Hugh's academic results improved by at least 2 grades in each case, over and above that expected by the school. This level and standard of dedicated SEN support up to GCSE level is rare and extremely difficult to come by. My overwhelming recommendation would be to hang on to Hannah if you are fortunate enough to be able to engage her. "

Recommended by Annette (parent of a client)

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