Belinda Furneaux-Harris

pro Member - Wiltshire

Branded & Unstoppable

Brand Strategist & Messaging Expert for ambitious female entrepreneurs. Drawing on 25 years' experience, I'm here to help you create an unstoppable brand.

A bit about me...


Branding your business well is more important than it's ever been. And it's about so much more than beautiful visuals, a smart logo or slick website. It's about having an incisive vision, magnetic message, irresistible offerings and owning your style. It's about knowing your worth and your values, finding your magic, and creating an exceptional brand. It's about putting YOU at the heart of everything you do and making your business the ONLY logical choice for your ideal clients.

Cutting through the 'noise', captivating your clients and retaining this focus can feel overwhelming at times. Because, as a modern entrepreneur, there's also the business of well, being a copywriter, stylist, designer, head of product development and social media manager all rolled into one. And that's just the marketing.

All of this is within your reach and I'm here to help you with that. 

Book a complimentary 40-minute Strategy Sesssion TODAY and let's map out how we take your brand to a whole new level. Email me at: or call: 07777 556 8002.

For details of mgame-changing workshops, on-line programmes and Private Client Days visit:


Walking in nature. Hiking in the mountains. Being by the sea. Cotswold pubs. Lazy Sundays by the fire. Reading a good book. High Fashion and haute couture. Interior design. Making a beautiful home. Fresh flowers. Artisan brands. Home-cooking. Playing the piano. Singing. Dancing. Cycling. Hiking. Expanding my mind. TED Talks. Mind, body, spirit retreats. Spa days with girlfriends. Kundalini yoga. Breathwork. Expansive conversations and creativity. Travelling and adventures to anywhere in the world that make my heart skip a beat. 





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