Carol Powell

pro Member - Bristol


Chatterminds introduces mindfulness to children, teenagers and adults to provide tools to help navigate the ups and downs of life.

A bit about me...

My name is Carol and I set up Chatterminds to support families with the ups and downs of life. As a parent and an ex teacher, my personal experiences are at the centre of everything that I do.
When I was a child I used to spend a lot of time worrying. I was bullied at school and this had a massive impact on my life. I didn’t want to go to school, I found it scary and over time it made me very anxious and unable to sleep. This anxiety grew and took over my life. I then developed a fear of night time because of the worry about about not sleeping.
Services like Chatterminds didn’t exist when I was a child. Actually all I needed was someone to tell me I was OK and teach me about my feelings and how to manage them. I needed to hear that it is ‘OK not to be OK’, and that lots of people feel anxious about things, even adults. I needed support to become resilient in school and life.
A number of years ago, I was introduced to mindfulness. It has completely changed my life. I now relate completely differently to my thoughts. Thoughts could take over my days and weeks but by practising mindfulness, I am now more present with day to day family life. This has massively impacted my parenting and how I deal with stress. Mindfulness does not eliminate stress but it helps me to respond more skilfully to life’s challenging moments.
It is really important to me that Chatterminds is a fun, creative, nurturing space for families to learn all about their feelings. To develop a tool kit of strategies to get the most out of the good bits of life but also to become more resilient and confident in challenging times.