Lisa Gill

pro Member - South Glos

Gill Financial Control Solutions

We bridge the gap between you and your accountant. We can also help you set-up your own system, help you with making tax digital (quickbooks, Xero and sage etc.

A bit about me...

I am a wife, mum, daughter, sister and friend.  Family and friends are very important to me and are the core of my life.  We always have Sunday lunch all together, a great way to catch up around the dinner table.  I am very lucky to have a happy marriage and two wonderful children who are very close to each other and a home that I love.  My passion is travel, we go to Spain frequently to a place called Moraira which is my second home, it is our happy place, healing place, a place that we can catch our breathes before returning to the real world again.  We have also recently been bitten by the cruise bug so there are many adventures to be had!

A bit more about me

What's the most enjoyable thing about your work?
Meeting with new and existing clients, I enjoy looking after our clients properly and in person when we can.

What is your vision for your business?
Just to employ me and Mark, we have no intention of employing anyone, been there and done that, we are happy just the two of us.

If you could give one single piece of advice to a new start up business, what would it be?
Take it steady and be ready to morph into what your clients need you to be.

Which business person or company do you admire most and why?
Maria Foxwell, her business was severely disrupted during covid, she didn't sit back, she went out and got a job to keep her family afloat WHILST still keeping her holiday business going! AMAZING!

Which one phrase or quote sums up your attitude to business life?
Treat others as you wish to be treated!

What made you join WMB and how do you plan to make the most of the network?
Fidel Beauhill introduced me the network, he thought it would suit me better than the network we were both in and he was right

What do you do at week-ends?
Saturdays are varied, we often entertain friends in the evening or visit them. Then Sundays are for family, we cook a large roast and feed everyone, great way to keep in touch with everyone

If you were stranded on a desert island, what 2 luxury items would you take?
sun lounger and sun cream!!

What book are you currently reading?
How to kill your family hehehe

What book(s) would you recommend?
I love easy reading as I am so busy in the day. I love Jill Mansell as they are based locally and anything based in Spain. Also the Deverill saga is excellent (based in Ireland) by Santa Montefiore. Business books are for daytime only.

Who's your personal hero and why?
My Nan, she was so lovely, a real lady! She taught me a lot of how to treat other people.

What is your worst experience in business or work?
I still don't handle losing clients well. I take it too personally, I know it is business decisions, but still feels personal. I am working on it.

What was your first ever job?
Working in a newsagents in Brislington part-time whilst at school

Where is your favourite place in the world and why?
Moraira in Spain. I have so many special memories there, got engaged there, honeymooned there, kids learned to swim there. And has been such a healing place too, we can relax and get ready to face the world again


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