Sarah Attwood

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Thrive Health and Wellness

I'm a Kinesiologist Cert. ASK who runs Thrive Health and Wellness in Sherborne, Dorset. I offer kinesiology, nutritional support and supplement testing.

A bit about me...

I stumbled across kinesiology when I developed M.E. after a bout of glandular fever and was very ill for a number of years, unable to walk and using a wheelchair to get around.  I tried so many treatments both traditional (CBT/GET) and complementary but for me, kinesiology was the key for me unlocking my body and starting to heal. It also astounded me how much progress I made after just one treatment.

On recovery, I proceeded to ignore the wonderful benefits and fledgling knowledge that kinesiology had brought me and in a desperate bid to make up for the lost years, moved to London to plunge myself into the stressful world of advertising for the next few years. This created yo-yo effects on my health and energy levels and after realising I could not continue living in this burn-out,  I decided I had to learn more and wanted to help others so qualified as a Systematic Kinesiologist  in 2014. I feel fortunate I was able to experience and act on this epiphany and absolutely love helping others improve their health and wellbeing.

I regularly run health talks and workshops across a variety of topics, the most people involing sleep, stress and digestion. Being a fan of natural health solutions, I am also a consultant with Neal's Yard Remedies Organic and find running parties and events a great way to meet people and chat health. Everyone has something they would like to improve and I love to help.

What's kinesiology? It was developed by a chiropractor who wanted to get to the bottom of health problems. It uses gentle muscle testing to receive feedback on the body. Each muscle relates to an organ which relates to a meridian allowing us to understand what is happening at a deeper level. An example of this is someone coming with IBS and we check the stomach, small & large intestine performance along with stomach acid levels, work out if there are any food triggers or nutritional support needed (e.g. probiotics) and also if there is an emotional link. Always happy to provide a little demo if you'd like to understand further.


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