Barbara Adkin

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Arbonne Independent Consultant

1. Adkin Veterinary Acupuncture. 2. I am an Independent Consultant with Arbonne.

A bit about me...

My name is Barbara Adkin, (Barby), I am a veterinary surgeon, qualified in 1994. I have my own business, Adkin Veterinary Acupuncture, where I treat pets with acupuncture as a complementary therapy alongside their treatment from their own vet. I do home visits in Cheltenham and the surrounding area, or treatments at some of the vet surgeries in Cheltenham. For more information visit my website: or my facebook page: adkin veterinary acupuncture.

 I am also an Independent Consultant with Arbonne, a health and wellness company which makes botanical based skincare, make-up and nutrition products. I'm passionate about the products as they are free from all the nasties that we don't want to be putting on/in our bodies, and of course are cruelty-free. They are vegan, clinically proven and dermatologically tested, and really do get great results. I am looking for people who also have a keen interest in finding natural skincare which really works, and also those who are interested in a part-time flexible way to work and build an extra income....I am here to train, teach and support people starting out in their new Arbonne business- to help them become successful and change their lifestyle, to live the life of their dreams. For more information visit my website