Elizabeth Walton

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Liz works with the body and mind to regain peace and freedom, balancing work and life. Passionate about facilitating the inner capacity to heal using Hypnotherapy, coaching and Journey work.

A bit about me...

I love travelling and recently came back to the UK after 12 years away with an Autralian husband. So back in Jolly blighty with my main reason being looking after my elderly mother. I love helping people become their best and i do this in a few ways. Working with massge or all types of body work and combine (or one ots own)  with Hypnotherapy, Coaching and Journey work. I specialze inthe emotuional issues we hold inside ourselves that stops us from moving forward and being all we can be.

I Also advocate Arbonne as a product and business. Being a therapist I felt very limited to what i can earn and wanted something to offer me more options for my future financially. I found that is Arbonne which is an online health and wellness company offering 2 things.

1.An Ultra premium swiss formulated skincare adn nutrition for men and women. Our skin is the largest organ of our body and we bombard it with so many chemicals on a daily basis. I am passionate about imporving health on all levels and using healthy products.

2.Arbonne offers an opportunity to retire after 5years on a full pay cheque for the rest of my life. A no brainer so I jumped in. I love that the more I help others be successfull the more I can become successfull. What a great second business.