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We invite you to come as a guest first of all, to see if you want to join our networking group. This way you get to meet our members and experience first hand our style and format.

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Fri 25th Nov,2022

Emma Dawson (Group Leader)


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10am - 11.30am

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Your home or office

You'll be given the opportunity to talk about your business in our one-minute business introduction round. It's a good idea to plan and prepare this beforehand. Take some time to think about what your message is, and what type of introductions you're looking for. If you're currently looking for a supplier or some help with your business, tell us what you need, as someone in the room may be just the person or business you're are looking for!


What is the Health and Wellness Power Group?

Members of Women Mean Biz who have businesses that are classed as being in the Health and Wellness categories come together to share ideas and collaborate.

We meet three times every year from 10.00am – 12noon ahead of the WMB meeting.

The location rotates so it gives members an opportunity to attend another group meeting.   (If you want to attend the lunch you need to book and pay for that separately online).

What is the purpose of the meeting?

To meet other members that you might want to partner with or can help share any common business issues you might have.  Members have found that regularly attending results in lots of ideas exchanged, problems solved, relationships built and business passed!

Is there a format for the meeting?

It is informal, but the loose agenda is:-

  • Meet new members; new members are asked to do a 5 minute introduction to themselves and their business
  • Find out what we have all been working on recently
  • Share examples of where members have worked collaboratively
  • Share what each person is looking for to see if we can help the other
  • Share technical and industry knowledge.

When do we meet?

We meet three times a year.  

How do I Attend?

You will receive a welcome email with agenda and dates.  You will then receive a reminder email about two weeks before the event and are asked to email me back to confirm attendance.

There is no pressure to attend.  We appreciate people are busy. If you would like to have a voice at the meeting, then please contact Emma for a call/meet up, so they can pass on information in your place.

Please contact Emma Dawson for more details. 







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