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We invite you to come as a guest first of all, to see if you want to join our networking group. This way you get to meet our members and experience first hand our style and format.

Power Group - Creative, Marketing & Media - book online

Thu 18th Nov,2021

Rachel Barker (Group Leader)

07802 707221

£Members Only - Free

10am - 11.30am

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Meeting on zoom

You'll be given the opportunity to talk about your business in our one-minute business introduction round. It's a good idea to plan and prepare this beforehand. Take some time to think about what your message is, and what type of introductions you're looking for. If you're currently looking for a supplier or some help with your business, tell us what you need, as someone in the room may be just the person or business you're are looking for!

We’re currently hosting all meetings on Zoom.

If you work in a marketing or creative role you’re very welcome to join our vibrant and supportive Creative and Marketing Power Group.

We meet a few times a year – currently on Zoom – where we collaborate, share ideas and help each other in our business.

What’s the purpose of the meeting?

With such a broad and experienced group of creative professionals in Women Mean Biz, the power group is a great opportunity to connect with members from across the network. 

Our members have found support, solved challenges, partnered with other businesses, passed on work and exchanged lots of creative ideas. 

Is there a format?

Our meetings are relaxed, but we tend to cover the following:

Introductions – everyone does a brief introduction and shares what’s been happening in the last few weeks 

New members have around 5 minutes to introduce themselves and their business, and explain how the group might be able to support them

We discuss recent collaborations, interesting projects and ways we can help or refer each other

We help members solve any particular challenges in their business

We discuss one or two ‘hot topics’ each meeting, which we either agree in advance or at the start of the meeting. This has recently included how to price a project, how to write a 90-day plan and how to make the most of Instagram Stories. 

When do we meet?

Pre-lockdown, we met 4 times a year before one of the networking meetings, choosing a different venue each time. Since we’ve moved online, the group has benefited from the additional support and we’ve increased meetings to around every 8 weeks. 

All dates are posted on the website and members can join our WhatsApp group with reminders!

Please book to attend the meeting on this page, and contact Rachel Barker if you have any questions.