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What Are The Benefits of Blogging For Your Business?

by Amy Morse on 25th Jul 2018

I started blogging back in 2013 when I was in the process of publishing my first novel, The Bronze Box, and working a full time day job as a Business Trainer.

The blog began as something I did for myself, it didn't really matter if anyone read it, I needed to do it.

I'd set myself a target that year to publish the book I'd been working on for the previous 5 or 6 years. I'd get The Bronze Box out in time for Christmas, dammit, and I'd do one thing every day to make sure that happened!

Once a week I would blog my seven actions.

Then something surprising happened.... people paid attention to it!

Not many people, just a few, they'd mostly comment on Social Media or ask me about it when I saw them. I'd go to events and people would say, "hey, I love your blog. How's the book coming along?"

I had a lightbulb moment - suddenly it dawned on me how powerful blogging could be!

Even when it feels like you're shouting into the wind and your voice is being swept out to sea, pretty soon you'll have faith that you're making an impact, however small.

On some level you've touched another person with your words.

They may not always comment, they may not always share, but it doesn't mean they're not paying attention.

It's a great feeling!

Think about your own behaviour online, how often do you comment on something?

Blogging regularly and consistently helps people build up a picture of your business over time. It allows them to get to know you, start to like, then to trust you.

Every blog post you write is a chapter in the story of your business.

A delegate at one of the Digital Marketing workshops I run for Cool Ventures said something last week (in fact, I'm planning a blog about it!), she said, "It's like a bird singing. The bird doesn't question whether anyone is listening to his song, he sings anyway. He never knows when a mate will be listening, so he just keeps on singing."

At the start of the year, I changed my business name to 'Learn To love Your Words', because I firmly believe that when you love something you'll find time to do it, and love can change the world.

Small business can be a force for good in the world and being able to articulate yourself in writing is wonderfully empowering (just one reason to blog!).

When you write the story of your business, wouldn't you want to control the pen?

There are so many reasons to consider blogging as part of your marketing strategy and to grow your business. Some will be more important to you than others.

I wrote a blog of my 'Massive List Of Reasons To Blog For Your Business' here: https://authorpreneur.amymorse.co.uk/massive-list-reasons-blog-business/

For now, here are my top three:

1) Demonstrate Your Expertise

Grow your influence in your sector by demonstrating your knowledge and expertise.

2) Creating Content for Digital Products

My 'Blogging for Business' book started as a series of blogs.

My online workshops came from blogs.

Talks I give at events are often based on blogs.

I've used blog content to create handouts and slides for training delivery.

As long as you add value, if you wrote it, you can repackage and sell it!

My blogs are now at the heart of my business and help me to build the infrastructure to grow and sustain my business into the future.

3) It's fun!

Last, and by no means least, my favourite of all the reasons to blog. Simply for the sheer pleasure of it, because blogging is fun!


What's your top reason for blogging?


For many entrepreneurs, being able to confidently write for their business themselves is an important skill.

Not everyone wants to write, I get that, and there are plenty of other ways to express yourself. You could simply outsource the job to someone else and concentrate on what you do best - Do what you do best and outsource the rest - but for those that do want to write for themselves, there is help out there...

I have lots of practical tips on my blog, a monthly newsletter, a 'Blogging for Business' book on Amazon and free events on my website. I also offer a free 30 minute Clarity Session to assess what help you need. 

Happy Blogging!












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