Virtual vs Personal

by Leanne Matthews on 8th May 2018

There seems to be a common misconception that Virtual Assistants are these mysterious, faceless beings, who can ping emails back and forth but never actually be seen, and because of this, I have noticed a slight tone of skepticism when discussing what we do with some people. Maybe it’s that they feel like someone who works virtually can’t be held accountable for the quality of their work or maybe it’s simply because they feel like it lacks the personal touch that a fulltime PA could offer?! I’d like to try and dispel these myths if I can because every VA that I know, and Purple Frogs are no exception, prides themselves on offering a personal touch to every business they work with.

Yes, there are days when we don’t see sunlight because we are staring at a screen while we write someone’s blog about purchasing the best car for family life or researching staff incentive packages for hours on end but we also love to get out and see your business in action so we can really get to the heart of what you do. And here at Purple Frogs we also love to get stuck in at an event! Not only will we help you with the organisation in the lead up but we can also be on site during the day to take the stress out of running the event for you. For us, faces are as important as names and, when it comes to the personal touch, the only difference between a good PA and a good VA is that the VA doesn’t take up any space in your office!

So in summary, us VAs are all about the personal touch, and remember that this works both ways as after the first couple of meetings you’ll know all about my dog and love of Dolly Parton!